How to Check Online NYSC Senate List or its equivalents

The Online NYSC Senate List is an approved list from the National Youth Service Corps management. The list also lets all prospective corps members who are suppose to go for service for that year know whether there name is among those enlisted for service.

Actually, first step to this is that various institutions in Nigeria submits names of student fully cleared from dept like: student passing all courses, No fee left to pay, and candidates cleared from its department and faculty. So once those names of the students are sent, the National Youth Service Corps management recheck to know if the names are upto but not more than the quotes for each institutions for the service year.

However, few days after NYSC Orientation in all institution, provided by NYSC in the timetable, An official list is then released online called: “NYSC Senate List”.

Most of you now want to know how to check the list of whether the list has been released online. Well, this page will guide you through on how to check the Online NYSC Senate List or its equivalents.

How to Check Online NYSC Senate List

Please Note that it take nothing (No scratch Card, No credit card,  No Pin,  No bill charge) to check your name in the senate list.

Good to let you know that this time you can check your NYSC senate list online through either mobile phones or computer. Since you have nothing  to print out online. Check the senate list is to confirm that you are going for the year service.

I believe that you already know that the official NYSC portal are:, and Apart from here their is know other website to check this approved Senate List online.

So to do this, visit any of the official website and by the corner-left of the site you will see  a link title: “Check Senate List or its equivalents“. See image below.

How to Check Online NYSC Senate List

Once you click on that link, the official page to check the Online NYSC Senate List opens. All that is needed to check for your name in the senate list includes: Name of your Institution, Matriculation Number, Surname (only) and your date of birth.

Please note that you have to present your Matriculation Number in Upper-case.

See image below to see what we have explained lately.

Online NYSC Senate List

And if your name is there, what you then see is your Full Name, name of Institution, your Passport Photography, and other information about you.

But if your name is still not listed in the official NYSC Senate List you will see this notice:

No record found. Contact your school for verification of the approved list

So I hope you all understood all we have explained here. But if you are still not clear with this information of other NYSC related issue then use the comment box below and we shall attend to all comment as soon as possible.

Also help us share this information on social websites and forums for other to also learn how to check online NYSC Senate list..

Good Luck.


  1. Sir/ma I’m not find my name on senate list and this is my and my matriculation number, Salaudeen Aweda Abdullahi

    • If your name isn’t on the Senate list it then means you may not follow the batch to NYSC CAMP. You can confirm from your school if they included your name during the final submission of names by individual schools

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