How To Check Tariff Plan On All Networks | Glo, MTN, Airtel & 9mobile

You could be using any of MTN, Glo, 9mobile or even Airtel without knowing the current tariff plan you are on. That ends today. I am going to show you in simplest ways, How To Check Tariff Plan On All Networks you are using. You know that the network provider service you are using has their tariff plans quite different from the others. But, have you ever thought of ever knowing the one you are using?

It is very important to check this as it would allow you to understand your data and especially call charges. Mostly, these tariff plans are on the calls you make. However, most of them do come with some data bonuses depending on the particular plan you have chosen. Usually, network service providers have a fixed data subscription plans and usages.

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So, in essence, it is important to understand that the tariff plans are usually felt in the calls rate. Most tariff plans allow you to make on-net (same network) calls cheaper while the off-net calls are charged higher. Others could allow you make the off-net and on-net calls at the same call rate.

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Meanwhile, other tariff plans could as well allow you make international calls at a cheaper rate and local calls at a moderate rate. Some other tariff plans do come with call and data packages etc. So, there are different instances on how all these works for you as a person. Now, let’s see how to check tariff plan on all networks. Shall we?

How To Check Tariff Plan On All Networks

What most people fail to realise is that it is what easy to know the tariff plan they are subscribed that. With a simple combination of numbers, your tariff plan will be revealed to you immediately. Too much talk right? I know.

How To Check MTN Tariff Plan

  • To check MTN tariff plan simply dial *123*1*2#

How To Check Airetl Tariff Plan

  • To check Airtel tariff plan, simply dial *121*5*2#

How To Check Glo Tariff Plan

  • Simply dial *100# to check Glo tariff plan.

How To Check 9mobile Tariff Plan

  • The 9mobile tariff plan checker is *200*1*6#.

As you have seen, it is easy to check your current tariff plan without any stress.

Why Should You Check Your Tariff Plan?

Well, like i explained above, there are different tariff plans meant for different categories of persons. Let’s take for instance, if you have some group of 5-10 persons you call daily, choosing a tariff plan that allows you call some numbers at a VERY LOW RATE daily will go a long way to help you to keep in contact with them.

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Also, if you are the business man who makes lots of calls on daily basis, there are tariff plans that allow you make calls at a very low rate to any network after the first minute calls. This ensures you keep in contact with business associates without wasting lots of money in the process.

If you are a data free, there are other tariff plans that award you some free data on every recharge. That would enable you to have more data to use for your purposes.

As you have seen, there could be many other reasons you will have to know How To Check Tariff Plan On All Networks. So, the options are there for you to choose. But, i am certain this has been very helpful to you.

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