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Check WAEC GCE Result Without Scratch Card

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Result Checking applies for Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra-Leone and Gambia. WAEC GCE Results which was recently release online and its important for every student to learn how to check their results online – whether by using mobile phones or computer.

But one important queries and questions we have been receiving from students is that some of them wants to learn how to check WAEC GCE Result Without Scratch Card, some are asking where to buy the WAEC GCE Result checking scratch card and how at what cost to get it.

All this has been addressed on this page for better understanding. Let start with the discussion on possible ways to check waec gce result without scratch card…

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Is it Possible to Check WAEC GCE Result Without Scratch Card?

Lets go straight to truth and it is that – checking waec result without scratch card is never possible if your motive is to:

  • check through a computer
  • check your result via waec result checking website (online)
  • print out a copy of your result slip

then sorry!… you can’t check WAEC GCE Result Without Scratch Card.

But if your intention is not to print out or check results online them you can check your result without a waec gce scratch card. With this, it means you will check your result using a short-code SMS on your mobile phone. See procedures below:

  1. Send SMS in the format below:


  2. To short-code 32327 (MTN, Celtel & Glo subscribers)
    For example -:


  3. Ensure you adhere strictly to the format above. There should be no space in the message.
    Wait for your result to be delivered to your phone via SMS. (SMS Cost N30 Only)


How to Check WAEC GCE Result Online

Checking your result online can be done with your mobile phone or computer, as long as you enter the correct portal for waec result checking. Below are guide to check your result online:

  1. Log on to www.waecdirect.org (for NG) or ghana.waecdirect.org  (for Ghana) or www.waecsierra-leone.org (for Sierra Leone) or results.liberiawaec.org (for Liberia).
  2. Enter your WAEC Examination Number or Index Number.
  3. Enter the 4 digits of your Examination Year.
  4. Select the Type of Examination.
  5. Enter the Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card.
  6. Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card.
  7. Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up.

How to Purchase WAEC GCE Scratch Card

You can get the card at any business center, cyber-cafe or any WAEC office around you. The price for the card is between N700 to N1,000.



  1. by checking without a scratch card, the pin before the exam year, ls it the pin on the scratch card that the candidate used in registering for WAEC GCE ?.

  2. Please I will take this opportunity to talk to you about my withheld exam results it has been withheld for a long time please do something about fro me please


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