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Having you need using the viral keyword “How to make money online” or “how to make money from home”, or “how to make money from home as nursing mother” or “How to become an affiliate making income” or how to set up passive income program” and you stumbled on this page? Yes, it’s a good thing to be here, because you will be getting every premium information for FREE here.

ClickBank is one of the popular Affiliate network and platform that allows you to make money online – that is credited to your bank account LIVE!

Let’s take you not only on ClickBank Affiliate Account Sign Up process o the login process, NO, that isn’t enough.

You will also understand how to get your ClickBank account setup and ready to start making money without having a single product of your own.

ClickBank Review Affiliate network is one of the great networks with over 12million vendors on it. Millions of people trust the ClickBank platform for buying their products (just like Amazon).

Once your ClickBank account is created you can either promote other peoples’ products and service to earn a commission or upload your products for people to promote or you can do both of them at the same time.

ClickBank Affiliate Account Sign Up is 100%, no payment is required.

Making money here is sure for everyone following the step by step application on “How To Make Money With ClickBank Step By Step” which I shall be talking about later. has varieties of categories or niche to focus on; be it on digital products or physical products that you won’t even find at other affiliate platforms.

Unlike other “Top affiliate networks“, ClickBank allows you to create different users in one account. For example; creating a unique nickname for promoting or for a particular niche, also creating another as a vendor, etc.

Payment is usually by check and direct deposit to your bank account, so it is left for you to choose your preferred option. with a minimum payout of $10

Also, ClickBank cookie duration always depends on the specific merchant you sign up with, but usually ~60 days.

Becoming an Affiliate

Becoming a ClickBank affiliate is free and easy (this is why you have to read till the end of this page), a unique link is assigned to you for every product you want to promote.

The Affiliate link contains your ClickBank nickname and some unique numbers, that is why it is easy to know when sales are coming from you.

Though the ClickBank affiliate link(s) does not look nice; too long and with varieties of numbers and symbols. Certainly, your buyers won’t like to click on such link – to some, it looks scaring. LOL!

But we don’t present the ClickBank affiliate link like that, we use a link shortening to make it presentable and every short too. See the list of link shorters you can use here.

As an affiliate also known as a “Promoter” – you get commissions for every product sold out via your ClickBank affiliate link.

To even make everything easy; the product owners have provided the necessary materials you will need to promote their products and services. Remember when you sell they make money and you also make money; this is why they work hard making sure you sell.

The beauty of being an Affiliate is that you necessarily don’t need to have a product of your own to make money. And funny enough, in some cases, affiliates make over $10,000 weekly and even more – because of the wide range of products to promote.

You can get even more amazing results only if you strategize your plans (funnels) – we have reviewed some top working strategies below.

Step by Step Clickbank Registration

  1. Vist the main website –
  2. Click on “Create Account”
  3. Go through the clickbank registration form and start filling it.
    Though its simple and requires few information for the registration. Information includes:
    – Your country
    – Your First name and last name
    – Mobile Phone number
    – Email
    – Password
  4. Click on “Continue to Terms and Condition” to open a pop-up of the ClickBank terms of use.

    You have to read to the dotttom of the terms and comdition page or click on “Go to bottom” to see the “Accept Terms and Condition” button you will click on.

    Without doing this you won’t be able to check the agreenment box on the ClickBank Affiliate Account Sign Up from.

  5. Then submit your form to complete this section.

Completing Your Client Profile:

ClickBank account Profile image
  1. Click the “Complete My Profile” button that appears immediately after you have submitted your ClickBank signup form.

In some cases, if you have navigated out, you can still access the profile page by going to the “Profile” tab located on the left side of the screen.

  1. Some of the information you filled during the signup process will remain intact when you access the profile page. But you just have a few other information to provide, like; street address, state, region, zip code, language, Payee name and Tax ID.
  2. Then click the “Save” button

Once you submit, a dialog button will appear confirming to you that “Your profile has been updated successfully”.

Creating ClickBank Unique Account Nickname:

ClickBank account nickname creation image

Please note that eventually you have logged out of this page or navigated out of here, you can log back by going to the left side tab bar and click on profile.

Now you’re there

  1. Click on “Create Account”
  2. A “Create account” dialog should appear
  3. select account type from the dropdown
  4. Type in your Nickname
  5. Once you’ve entered the nickname you want, then click on Create Account by the right side of the page to proceed.

Please note that you can create several nicknames for your cental login. This is for though who wants to promote different products or brands so in order to differentiate them different nicknames are created.

Or to create a unique nickname for promoting only and another nickname as a vendor.

Or people who have different vendor accounts and want to manage then in one central place.

Adding Payment Information:

  • Locate the account tab
  • clicking that tab should take you to the nickname creation page (as shown above).
  • Now click on the nickname that you have created and want to edit to provide your payment details.
  • You will be redirected to an operation portion of the ClickBank platform; a new tab will open automatically.

ClickBank wants to be sending you training materials on how to be successful with its platform – it’s now your decision to either click the “Yes, I’m interested in mire education” or “No, I got this on my own“.

for any option, you click you should see the “account settings” page. On the new page, you will see a navigation bar at the top of the page.

  • Now click on “ACCOUNT SETTINGS” tab bar
  • Then scroll down to the bottom of the page – locate the “Payment Information” box and click the “edit” (at the top-right corner of the box).
  • On the “payment information” page you can set the following; payment threshold, select payment method (either check or direct deposit) and payment frequency (either weekly or Bi-weekly).

Please note that if you are entered the information (Payee details), you should then click on “Save Changes”.

Please note that this setting will only apply for the nickname that you have clicked to edit. That is to say, you can set different payment information (or make different changes) for each nickname.

Now you’re set to start promoting and selling products on

We still have a few other information you may want to leverage which has been discussed below.

Download ClickBank Mobile App

Well, sorry to announce that as at the time this article is created ClickBank has not launched its ClickBank Mobile App.

Any App you see out there with the name “ClickBank” isn’t it. They could be apps by other developers teaching How to make money with ClickBank courses.

Had it been that ClickBank owns an official app right now, it will be on the official website”” – providing links to download its app for different OS versions.

But don’t worry, we shall always check and make a sharp update once the ClickBank official Mobile App is launched.

How To Make Money With ClickBank Step By Step

After you have completed the ClickBank account sign up process (as shown above) then the next thing is to move to the market place.

You will see a variety of products and services. Now note that ClickBank deals on digital and physical products. The digital products are examples of ebooks, Video courses, audio course. While the physical products are products you can see, feel and touch – they are shipped down to buyers’ locations once purchased.

Just as explains before – you don’t need to own a product to make Money With ClickBank.

As an affiliate, you can make money with ClickBank without owning a website: This way, you promote your affiliate links on social networks (pages and groups) and forums where people have shown interest or discussing such products.

But of a truth, the result you get lower than sone one who has a website or runs ads.

Having a website and running ads will make you spend money on earning more money.

Using a Website to Promote:

This will require some monetary involvement to register and host a domain name. And you keep renewing the domain on yearly bases. It is still possible to host a free (zero cost) website, no yearly payment no credit card required – LEARN MORE HERE about 100% Free website hosting.

Having a domain (website) will allow you to launch a website for a particular niche. The advantage of doing this is to convince your audience that the website is only for that niche product and services, nothing less.

It converts more; than posting affiliate links in un-niche sites, people will see it that you are doing this to make money; so you won’t be giving accurate reviews of the product.

Also having a website allows you to gather lists for that niche which you can always email them whenever there are new products or services on that niche they optin for. SO once you post a new update you email them and they come back to your site and check it out.

In addition to the above points, You may have been hearing about PASSIVE INCOME (learn more here), Yes, having a website like ours; for example, allows you to create plenty of channels of an income stream on your website. Also, remember that isn’t the only affiliate network out there, nor that sales only on the niche you have chosen.

You have the opportunity of running different affiliate networks on your website and income will come coming endlessly.

Running Ads:

Apart from doing some submissions on forums, groups, and pages, the most effective way of getting results faster than you can imagine is by running ads.

Here you spend to earn. But you spend wisely by consistently sticking to what’s working for you or for that others on the regard to the product and services you are promoting.

If you strategize your funnels well, you will not only get sales but also gather lists and more traffic on your page and other pages you have on your website. That is if you have your own website.

But in a situation whereby you are only sending traffic to the affiliate website, you will only be making sales, no lists to promote for the next product. This is why it’s a wise decision to send traffic to your website, then from there you get your list and redirect them to the affiliate sales page for them to take the final action BUY!

<<<Learn (for FREE) how to run less-cost and high-converting ads here>>

List of platforms you can start running ads:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google Ad word
  • Bing Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Guess what?

I have this article I have reviewed on this page to help you “Spy on your Competitors’ winning Ads on Facebook” – CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE. So you don’t have to wast time split testing, nor writing ads copy that won’t convert.

The above page will help you know the right image to use, spy your competitors’ strategic funnels and ad copywriting.

ClickBank Alternatives – Top ClickBank Competitors Listing

There are some notable big names that give the same opportunity to make money on their platform either as a vendor or affiliate (promoter).

  • eBay Partner Network
  • Amazon Associates
  • Walmart Affiliates
  • Peerfly
  • Rakuten Marketing (Formerly LinkShare)
  • Awin (Formerly Affiliate Window)
  • CJ Affiliate (Formerly Commission Junction)
  • ShareASale
  • AliExpress


ClickBank is a great affiliate network and platform to make money whether as a vendor or affiliate or both. All you need is mapping out the right strategies, use the available materials provided by the vendors to carry out your own promotion (email swipes and image).

Though on the other hand, you have to be very careful about selecting products to promote because you may come across some low-quality products which you won’t like your audience to start complaining about. So take your time to analyze, see what people are talking about the vendor and its products. Check the number of fellow affiliates promoting the same products, and so on.

These are part of ways to figure out best and profitable products to promote.

Also from the link given to you above, you don’t have to stress too much figuring best profiting ads out there – just use that method I have explained to spy on the existing once and do the same or do something far better for maximum result output.

Let’s hear from you through the comment box below.

Also, kindly share this page using the Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit button – let others learn and start making money, You might be saving millions of lives just by sharing this page.


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