Could this be true that; Flavour is dating Chidinma?

Is it true that Flavour is dating Chidinma 2

Is it true that Flavour is dating Chidinma 2

Is it true that Flavour is dating Chidinma? –  We can’t really conclude on this but since their colabo on the popular song ‘Ololufe’, Flavour and Chidinma have not been able to bath each other clean of dating allegations, this could be as a result of the direct “Kiss” in the video.

Is it true that Flavour is dating Chidinma

The boldness and encouragement which Flavour and Chidinma gathered to kiss on their colabo on the popular song ‘Ololufe’ is more than enough to ask if Flavour is dating Chidinma?

Their latest Photo on Instagram:

Flavour and Chidinma

Here are the chat argument about Flavour and Chidinma

“Hmmmmm… . Both of you know what is going on between you guys… Anyway nice shot” wrote a fan”.

“Can’t they take pix together? Nigerians with dirty minds X_X if u work in an office won’t u take pictures with ur female colleagues? “ another fan wrote”.

“Ha ha they are in love jo”, a fan insisted”.

Watch the Video of ‘Ololufe’, song by  Flavour and Chidinma before making your own comment below

Flavour – Ololufe Ft. Chidinma

So what do you think about Fresh dating rumour trails Flavour and Chidinma??


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