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Coke Studio Nigeria (African) – See TV Channels and Show Time here

Coke Studio Nigeria (Africa) is a non-competitive Music reality show organize by Coka cola company. It’s free show where Africa’s biggest Musicians are paired to perform life, with live band to make it follow. Every artist signed to perform on the show sees the benefit of it, as it helps them develop their talents, They know other people’s cultures (kind of food, wears, languages, etc).

Everything about the show is free. In addition to the TV show, fans will be able to access content from the show on the Coke Studio Africa website www.cokestudioafrica.com, as well as watch performances and other behind the scenes footage.

Coke Studio Nigeria is full of fun and fun, that is the reason you do not have to miss it because it also helps for ease relaxation. The time is favourable to all workers, students and traders. No reason to miss the show!


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Below are the TV ch official list of Channels and time for showing the Coke Studio Nigeria show live.


TV Channels to Watch Coke Studio Nigeria Live

  • ait every Sunday 6 pm
  • eExtra Saturday 4:00pm
  • e.tv Saturday 6:00pm

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The Coke Studio is well equipped – lacking nothing to for the artist to give the Fans and the world at large a wonderful performance.

Coke studio logo2


Why People Love Watching Coke Studio African

  • One of the major is that Coke Studio Africa introduces Africa’s music talents to a new and wider audience through interaction and collaboration while building a brand connection with Africa’s young and growing population.
  • Everything happening in the studio happens live.
  • To watch how different artists with different cultures interacts with each other when merged to perform together.
  • Not a competition but it is a show that entertains both Fans and artist.

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