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Complete Ezoic Setup Account: Using Ezoic Ad To Increase AdSense Earnings

Having you been searching for how to improve your AdSense earnings? Or searching for a top Google certified publishing partner easy to work with (to integrate your business with)? or searching for the best-certified publishing partner that approves you faster even with your low traffic and earnings? If any or all concerns you then you’re on the right page.

Or possibly, from the title of this page you already know about the Google AdSense certified publishing partner, but still asking “What Is Ezoic About?”

This page simplifies and explains in details (straight to the point) the meaning of Ezoic and how it works.

Ezoic is one of the most popular Certified Partners of Google in the world. The company has been helping publishers improve monetization, provide better visitor experiences, and remain compliant with Google policy.

In addition to that, Ezoic also includes easy-to-use tools for increasing site speed, improving SEO, testing new frameworks, enhancing security, and managing user privacy. In fact, Ezoic is known to help increases both CPC (cost per click) and CTR (click-through rate) by 80% using these five major test on your website;

  • The position of ads on each page
  • The size of each ad
  • The colours (background, text colour, etc) of each ad
  • How many ads to show
  • When to show the user ads in their session (first page, later pages, etc).

On this page, we have shown a complete step-by-step Ezoic Setup Account (with image illustrations).

So follow the steps listed below to get started with your Ezoic application and submit.

Full Staps On Ezoic Setup Account

The first thing is creating the Ezoic account after making up your mind to get your AdSense earnings to the next level.

To sign up for Ezoic free account simply following the steps below;

  1. Go to Ezoic main website – https://www.ezoic.com/, locate the “Start free trial” button around the website and click.

    The first stage of the form request your email address, and that you have to input twice for Ezoic to be sure that you are inputting the correct email (without misspelling). Then click “Continue”.
  1. You’ll need to add your website you wise improve. From the sample given, you need not add https, or www; simply add your website and click on the “Continue” button.
ezoic form to add website image
  1. Next, you’ll be asked about your interest. There are THREE options; to increase Ad Revenue, Site Speed, and get Analytics. However, you can also check (select) one more one of these options if they all include what you want. Click “Continue” to proceed with the Ezoic account sign up process.

  1. You should get an instant notification that your “Ezoic Account is ready“.

It’s also important to login to your email address (used for Ezoic acct registration) for further notification or/and actions required of you to complete – like verifying your registration, etc.

To complete this section of Ezoic account registration, you’ll be creating an Ezoic login password, including filling in your name or business name (before the password).

Then click “Save” to submit your Ezoic login password.

At this point, you’ve successfully joined Ezoic program. The next step is going through your dashboard for other configurations which we have still shown below.

Integrating Your Site With Ezoic Account

This might be the part you’re interested in; “to integrate your site with Ezoic”. Well, it seems a bit technical, but following the steps provided on this page will let you establish yours and get the exact results we also got.

It is compulsory to integrate your website with Ezoic because that assures the connection and your Ezoic to work perfectly. Once your site is properly connected, features such as UX optimizations, SEO tools, Site Speed, Monetization and other functionality will be accessible after your site is connected with Ezoic.

So keep following the steps.

ezoic integration 1

Ezoic mentioned on the site the benefits of Ezoic CDN integration, which includes;

– Your site runs faster.
– Free CDN provided.
– Makes more money.
– Takes less than 1 minute.
– Compatible with all CDNs, CMS and Hosting Providers.

Click “More details” to see the same stated information on the site.

To start the integration, click “Select”.

Now, Ezoic will automatically detect your domain registrar and provide a guide to login to your domain registrar and replace the current “NAME SERVER” with its (Ezoic’s) name server. Then click on the “Integrate” button to finish this step.

ezoic integration 2

In some cases where you don’t have access to your host or the registrar page, simply contact your developer or the human managing your site to make the changes Ezoic requested.

Due to the difference in hosting and registrar interface, we couldn’t cover this part to show how the Name Server was changed. But Ezoic provides videos and written steps to guide on this part.

However, you can use the connect box below to let us know your registrar or hosting so we could provide a custom guide to you.

Be patient at this stage, understand that it can take a while for Ezoic to detect your integration. You can click on the “Recheck Integration” after a while to see if the integration is completed.

Thus, you don’t have to wait. You can continue on with the next step and we will update this step as complete when we can.

Ezoic Ad Setup

At this stage, there are FIVE stages to go through, starting with the application of Google Ad Exchange.

Google Ad Exchange

The Google Ad Exchange when allowed will give you the opportunity of accessing the world’s most powerful Ad Exchange on the Google Ad Exchange network.

It may take some hours for Google to review and respond back to you (via email). So what is need is to enter the email address that is associated with your Google AdSense acct (and Gmail).

Enter your email address and click on the “Resend Link” to submit your application right away.

You should see a notification pop-up that you have successfully applied for the Google Ad Exchange (and disappear later). Then click on the “Setup Ad Testing” again to get a new screen informing you that your invite to join Google’s Ad Exchange has been emailed to you. And that it can take up to 20-30 minutes to receive an application form from google, however you can go to the next step to continue setup for Ad Testing.

After that, you should see next the “Status” of your Google Ad Exchange as “Waiting on a response from Google Ad Exchange”

ezoic google ad exchange application image 2
  • Login to your email,
  • open the message sent by Google Ad Manager,
  • then click on the link provided to open the form (on a new page),
  • fill the form correctly and check the agreement box,
  • then submit the form.
ezoic gogle ad exchenge form image 1
  • you’ll get a notification that your account will be approved with 24-48hours of your submission, but can always contact Ezoic for any further information.
ezoic gogle ad exchenge form submitted image

At this point, you may now proceed to the next stage while you keep waiting for feedback (always check your email).


Placeholders are strategic locations ads could possibly be shown. Like the way Google AdSense codes are positioned to get the most conversion, the same is applied here also. Ezoic, however, always recommend its users to set up between 10-15 possible placeholders.

Click on the “Get Started”.

ezoic ad placeholders image

As you keep clicking the “Next” button to see examples of the “Placeholder” ad positions, at a point Ezoic will ask if you have ads on your site already, select “Yes” if you do, then select what type of ads you displace in your site at the moment.

We also can’t show this part as we implement from our end because the interface may vary, but you can also use the comment box below to indicate to use if you need any assistance to implement your placeholders. Also, Ezoic has provided videos to guide users through any process that seems challenging. Simply click on the “Learn More” to see both the videos and text guide.

Ads.txt Implementation

If you’ve been using Google AdSense then you should know what ads.txt means and should have implemented that on your site.

ads txt file image

This process is a way broad so we can’t cover the whole process here, but check out our other articles on what ads.txt means, how to set it up, and more.

As for Ezoic, they will provide the link to your ads.txt file and letting you know that theirs is missing (that is if you already implemented the ads.txt before). Click on the click to see the list of ads.txt files you need to implement into your site (better via File Manager).

Click on the “Recheck ads.txt status” button after implementing it and saving changes in your site.

Turn Traffic On

Ensure to turn on the traffic toggles for desktop, tables, mobile phones. Ezoic’s learning curve is 45-60 days, so results might take some time to ramp up depending on how many Ezoic placeholders you have created. Your revenue should improve by 60 – 150% in the weeks to come.

Then click the “Save” button.

Ezoic Review

At this point, no action will be required of you while Ezoic and its team are reviewing your website & application. You will further be notified via email and through your Ezoic dashboard for any change or other notification or attention needed of you.

Setting Up Site Speed Accelerator

You think this seems to the last part of the setup, well not so. But almost done.

ezoic turn on site speed image

On this part of of Ezoic setup, you only need to turn on the site speed accelerator (and activate the activities set by default) by clicking on the button. Done!

But after all set and done, you will still see a notification at the page; under the “Monetization” tab;

Ezoic will not serve ads until all setup steps are complete.

Now, on this same page, scroll to that part of “LINK YOUR ADSENSE ACCOUNT“, enter your AdSense Email address and re-enter again, then click on “Email Link”.

You’ll see a notification that Google will be sending you a message as regard this request you just made (to link your AdSense email address on the Ezoic platform.

Then go to the “APPLY FOR GOOGLE’S AD EXCHANGE” part, although this part has been completed before, in order not to leave any stone upturned you still have to re-apply for the Ad Exchange approval from Google again. However, Google will tell you that you have already filled the form before, but doing this is again is to enable Ezoic to indicate on its platform that you’ve completed the stage already.

Then go to the “IMPORT HISTORICAL ADSENSE DATA” part and click on the “GRANT AUTHORIZATION” button – to enable Ezoic to import your AdSense Data for easy recommendations on how to improve your site traffic and revenue.

Then go to “ADS.TXT” and turn it on by clicking on the button “Turn On”. Then click on “ADS.TXT MANAGER” to provide your ADS.TXT MANAGER user ID. Go to https://svc.adstxtmanager.com/ to create a new Ads.txt Manager acct now if you haven’t done so – it’s free

At this point, you have just completed the Ezoic Setup Account process, now you’ll wait for Ezoic to review your application and update you (via email) with an approval or rejection mail.

If “approved” then Ezoic commences its purpose on your site. But if “rejected” then you have to see the reason for the rejection and work on it then re-apply again – just like re-applying for the Google AdSense program if an application is disapproved.

It takes Ezoic about 1 or 2 days to respond to your application. Some times within the 24hours of your application.

Now, over to you. Are there other better Google certified publishing partner that you use? Please, do use the comment box below lets know how and why.

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