How to do Conference Call using Skype on Computer

How to do Conference Call using Skype on Computer

I till believe that many people do not know how to do Conference Call using Skype on Computer (PC). Every day-by-bay we watch CNN, BBC, Al-jezeral and other big news broadcasting networks on TV making a group call on Skype. Its so wonderful experience, I most tell you that!

Some one might be thinking if making conference call using skype application on pc is for free. Well whether you are using the Business or Individual skype account, you can always do group calls for free.

Here am going to show you how to do Conference Call using Skype on Computer using using images to illustrate the steps to do it. I will also be adding Video tutorial for this topic too.

Make sure you already registered for  SKYPE ID - by creating skype account. Click here to create one for your self.

Please Note that your system must meet the following requirements:

  • Make sure that your webcam is working properly.

  • The latest version of Skype for your device    

  • A high-speed broadband connection

  • A high-quality or HD webcam

  • A microphone and speakers (built-in or external headset with microphone)

  • If using Windows, a DirectX 9.0c compatible video card.

Step-by-Step On How to do Conference Call using Skype on Computer

  1. Make sure you’re logged into Skype account
  2. In your Skype account, click Contacts, then click Create New Group
  3. Click the Empty group name in the header, which will bring up the group profile — Click the Edit icon to name your group — Type in a group name, then close the group profile window.
  4. Click the Add button to add people to the group, or drag and drop your contacts into the group.
    If you use the Add button, your contact list will load; place a tick in the box for each person you wish to add, then click Add to Group.
    If you’re dragging and dropping contacts from either your Contacts or Recent list, simply drag and drop the ones you want into the group.
    You can add up to nine contacts, but for the best quality, we recommend group video calls with up to five contacts.
  5.  Click the Video call buttonThe screen changes color, a call bar appears near the bottom of the screen and you’ll hear ringing until the other people answer.
  6. Now your group calls had just started – say “Hello” to each of them now


Video Tutorial on How to do Conference Call using Skype on Computer

How to hang up individual people from group calls

  • To drop individual people from the call, move your mouse over the person’s image and click the red icon. You’ll only be able to do this if you are the host of the group video call.
  • To hang up, click the red End Call button.

Please Note: If you can’t see or hear each other, click the call quality icon on the call bar and check your settings (you may have to move your mouse to make the call bar appear).

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