Confirmed: World’s Richest Clubs List 2017

Confirmed: World’s Richest Clubs List 2017

As released by Deloitte, Manchester united tops World’s Richest Clubs List 2017. Deloitte divide the yearly revenue of a club in three streams, A) Match-day B) TV Broadcasting C) Commercial & Sponsorship. Since the original report features Euro (€) currency we have converted the yearly revenue numbers from euro to USD ($) as well. While the three revenue stream only feature euro currency.

World’s Richest Clubs List 2017

Rank Club Revenue Match-day  Broadcasting  Commercial
1 Manchester United €689m €137m €187.6m €363.9m
2 Real Madrid €620.2m €121.4m €202.7m €296.1m
3 FC Barcelona €620.1m €129m €227.7m €263.4m
4 FC Bayern Munich €592m €101.8m €147.6m €342.6m
5 Manchester City €524.9m €70.2m €215.8m €238.9m
6 Paris Saint Germain €520.9m €92.5m €123.1m €305.3m
7 Arsenal €468.5m €132m €167.7m €135.8m
8 Chelsea €447.4m €93.1m €178.2m €148.7m
9 Liverpool €403.8m €75m €163.8m €153m
10 Juventus €341.1m €51.4m €199m €73.5m
11 Borussia Dortmund €283.9m €54.2m €82.1m €144.3m
12 Tottenham €279.7m €54.2m €125.2m €78.1m
13 Atletico Madrid €228.6m €37.2m €86.6m €63.3m
14 FC Schalke €224.5m €39.2m €72.6m €107.9m
15 AS Roma €218.2m €30.4m €114m €36m
16 AC Milan €214.7m €22.3m €79.7m €97.1m
17 Zenit St Petersburg €196.5m €35.2m €103.8m €30.9m
18 West Ham €192.3m €26.2m €47.7m €67.1m
19 Internazionale €179.2m €24.6m €114.1m €26.4m
20 Leicester City €172.1m €22.2m €97.2m €45.4m

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In the above World’s Richest Clubs List 2017. Manchester United is the richest club. Manchester tops the list with a revenue of €689m. In doing so, they dethroned Real Madrid. The Spanish giants has topped the list for a decade. However, they now find themselves behind Manchester United. They have a revenue of €620.2m. Closely behind in 3rd is Barcelona Fc with a revenue of €620.1m.

Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool are the EPL representatives in the top ten. They occupy the 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th positions respectively, have a revenue of €524.9m, €520.9m, €468.5m, €447.4m and €403.8m  in that same order.  Not yet done, the EPL has several other representatives in the top 20. They include Tottenham 12th, West Ham 18th and Leicester City 20th.Leicester City were surprise entrants in the top 20 following their historic title win.

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