5 Ways To Reduce Stress At Work & Become More Productive

Learn how to reduce stress at work – There are much stress that arises from the workplace. Some of them come with meeting high expectations, having a lot of projects to be done, relating with co-workers, dealing with toxic workplace environment relating to customers with very high expectations and rude behaviour etc. If you always find yourself stressed after or during work, we have compiled some effective ways you can use to cope with stress at work.

Workplace stress is real and very risky. If not properly dealt with so early, you will end up costing you your job. This is why you need to be sincere with yourself and deal with it. I’m glad you are reading this now because it will go a long way to help you manage stress at work in a very effective manner.

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Workplace stress makes you disorganized, makes you lose focus, reduces your productivity, affects your output, hampers your relationship with your co-workers and a host of other effects. If you still love your work, follow me as I show you practical ways to cope with stress at work.

How To Reduce Stress At Work

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Here are the very practical strategies to use in dealing with workplace stress.

1. Organise Your Day

One of the causes of workplace stress is having too much to do. It becomes more difficult when you don’t have a plan to accomplish what you have to do. If you must cope with stress at work, you must organise each day. Write out everything you have to do at work, then, arrange them based on the order of importance (urgency). Dealing with less urgent tasks in spite of many urgent ones will leave you stressed when the pressure comes up.

2. Seek Clarity

before you take on any task, enjoy you are clear on what is expected of you. You don’t want to waste time working on what you aren’t asked to do. You have to talk to your supervisor or anyone above you. be clear on what you have to do to avoid unnecessary stress.

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3. Sleep Well

If you are really serious about coping with stress at work, you need to have sufficient sleep and rest. It is said that an adult needs about 7-8hrs sleep daily. if you aren’t having sufficient sleep, it will definitely affect your day. Imagine feeling so sleepy when you have lots of tasks on your desk? That wouldn’t be nice. Rest. Sleep well.

4. Reduce Self Expectation

It is very nice to be a high-flier in your workplace. But, if you end up pushing yourself to the limit, your body will feel the impact. You don’t have to achieve perfection in everything you do as a human. This isn’t to promote mediocrity. However, most workplace stress occurs as a result of too many expectations on the self.

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5. Take A Calm Breath

Most times, the pressure is much, the deadline is approaching, your supervisor isn’t impressed or satisfied with your efforts… in the midst of these and many more, we tend to forget the importance of having coolly calm breathing. If you continue flowing with this energy, you will be stressed and the pressure will increase. Take some 2-3 minutes and have very cool and heavy breathing. Remind yourself that you are in control. relax your mind and go again.


Here you have 5 effective ways to reduce stress at work. It is true that most stress may not be within your power to control. But, you can always have yourself in control. Remind yourself that you are in charge and can achieve anything.

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