Coronavirus Cases in Nigeria Today – See Full Statistical Updates Here

Since the pandemic began in Nigeria, it is still certain that some States in Nigeria is yet to record any coronavirus case.

However, so far Lagos has the highest number of affected cases, also with the highest discharge and death record.

Some states in Nigeria are still yet to record even a number. But generally, a serious measure has been adopted in order to gain control of this pandemic situation in Nigeria.

This page provides how to always check on the Coronavirus Cases in Nigeria Today.

Even at that, always remember to stay safe.

How to Check updates on Coronavirus Cases in Nigeria Today

Redirecting you to Nigeria government website will provide you more accurate Corona Virus Statistical update on daily bases.

To check you simply visit the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control official website you will be able to see up-to-date information of;

  • number of states with the coronavirus pandemic
  • number of people infected so far
  • number of dead cases
  • the number of discharged cases for each state.

PLUS other news related; like activities and observations, etc.

You can also get more updates on the COVID-19 situation in Nigeria if you join the official Telegram channel. Tap:, then tap ‘Join’.

WHO “World Health Organization is another credible portal to visit and get up to date information about Corona Virus in Nigeria and all other countries you want to gather information.

Visit and select the country you want to read about and get started.


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