How To Correct Mistakes Made During Jamb Registration – Edit Your Jamb Profile Details

We have observed and learnt that many candidates made many mistakes while creating their Jamb profile as well as during registration. However, irrespective of the mistakes made and the errors committed, there is hope. In this post, we will show you how to correct mistakes made during Jamb registration. We would cover the mistakes candidates have committed and the ones correctable on Jamb profile.

Before we go on with the steps on how to correct mistakes made during Jamb Registration, we would love to point out that mistakes are inevitable. No one is above mistake. Mistakes can happen at any time. So, you are not alone. Many other persons made the same mistake you made. So do not be in a hurry to crucify yourself. Are we together on this? I believe we are. Okay, let’s move on.

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Here are some of the mistakes Jamb candidates have made in the course of Jamb Registration as well as profile creation. They include:

  • Correction of Name
  • Passport Photograph
  • UTME Subject Combination
  • Choices of Institution/Courses
  • Date Of Birth.How To Correct Mistakes Made During Jamb Registration – Edit Your Jamb Profile Details How To Correct Mistakes Made During Jamb Registration – Edit Your Jamb Profile Details

Without delay, let us consider how you can correct any of the above mistakes and the ones not mentioned above.

How To Correct Mistakes Made During Jamb Registration

If you have made the mistake of using wrong name for registration, wrong passport photograph, wrong UTME subject combination, wrong choices of institution/courses as well as wrong date of birth, here are the steps to follow in correcting them.

  1. Visit any of the Jamb approved CBT centres nationwide.
  2. But, before going, Login to your profile. On the dashboard, click on “UTME Registration Data Correction” to make payment.
  3. Click on the mistake you want to correct.
  4. Afterwards, a transaction ID will be displayed for you.
  5. Please make sure you properly store the Transaction ID. It will be used for all future references. And, you will use it to make the necessary payment.
  6. Click on the “continue” button and pay through your ATM card, the sum of #2,500. If you do not know how to pay online, please copy the transaction ID. Payments can also be made through Remita.
  7. Take it to any bank to make your payment, using the ID.
  8. After making the payment, approach any of the approved CBT centres for the next correction.

Please, instead of making mistakes in the above procedures, the CBT centre can help you through the process. So, to make it easier for you, to correct any mistake made during the registration, visit any Jamb approved CBT Centre.

Also Note: You will pay #2,500 for any correction you want to make.

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How To Correct Wrong Email Used In Profile Creation

There is no correction for the usage of wrong email address used in Jamb profile creation. The only solution is for you to create a new Jamb profile. You can read more about how to create jamb profile here.

Finally, we recommend you follow Jamb on her official twitter handle @JAMBHQ ( If you are not on twitter, you can create a twitter account in less than 5mins. Please read this to know how to open a Twitter account.

If you have any question, please use the comment box below. Thank you.


  1. please, i used my brother’s email address to register my jamb, instead of my name to appear, his name appeared on my slip.please, how can i change his email address to my email address ,in other for my name to appear instead of his?

  2. please i paid for jamb correction of data and i did my change of institution/course forgetting to change my date of birth,please can i go and do the change of date of birth without paying another money?Thanks

    • Login to your JAMB profile dashboard and see if the option is available for you.

  3. pls admin,after logging in to my jamb profile how do i know if the option is available for me?Thanks

  4. since i registered this year jamb am unable to access my account the error message am reciving is “invalid crendiential details” pls help me

  5. please the email I used in registering for jamb has been disable.. and when I tried logging in my jamb profile it keep telling me invalid email or password.. I have to reset my password through my email and the email has been disabled.. please what do I do sir??

    • If your email account was disabled that shouldn’t stop you from logging into your JAMB profile account (if you type it incorrectly). But the only place you should start having problem is where JAMB wants to send you something important via email that you will not get it, cos as you said that your email account is disabled.

      But right now you can login even when the email is disabled or deleted, cos JAMB and email services are not working together. You only create the email for it to be your login ID and to receive and send information (data).

  6. pls, my first name is used in place of my sunname, midlename in place of first name while my sunname is in place of midlename. any need to change?

  7. My email is in correct so I can’t receive any messages from jamb please what can I do

  8. please I got a problem with my email, how can I edit my jamb to change my email

  9. please I got a problem with my email, how can I edit my jamb profile to change my email

    • Kindly read the post again and follow the guidelines we gave. Good luck.

  10. Goodmorning Admin. plssss this is urgent. I forgotmy emailaddress and I was told to create anotherone, how will I go abt my details on the previous email

    • If you are asking about “how to get back all JAMB details sent to you using the new email” see answer below…

      ANS: Sorry, if you do not have access into the same email address you have been using to get information then there is no way to get those information. Once you create a new email and link it with JAMB or any other website or services then you start getting fresh information. All information will be fresh.

      Alternativly, you can ask those websites like JAMB or others, to resend you the information you wanted into so so so email address account (which you may be creating now) they may respond to that request and you get back the information that was in your old email.

      But if you are asking “how to get every information” no specification… Answer
      ANS: if you have tried all posiible and avilable ways to gain access into your account, (including) did you regiter your phone number on your email account?? OR did you include an alternative email address????
      If yes, then your account is not lost yet, you can reset the password and get bank access into the email account.

      But if No, then you have to forget the account and proceed getting a new account. Click the click below to;
      sign up for gmail for free or
      Yahoo here for free, or
      Hotmail / Outlook email
      for free NOW!

      Also click here to learn how to create unforgetable strong password.

  11. Plss I need your help. A wrong email was used during my registration. How can I change it to my own email.

  12. plss i need your help i want to change the email registered to my jamb profile to my correct email address

  13. pls i misplace my phone number that i use for registration, how can i see my result, can i see my result online,in jamb portal, and my jamb portal is still showing 2018 instead of 2019

  14. pls, i registered my jamb with my brother’s yahoo mail but he has not been receiving messages, so i was told to create another account using gmail but have been trying that now but it is writing error and temporarily not available. Pls, how can i go about this?

  15. Please my last year email was used to register my jamb for the year…now if I want to login to my jamb profile for this year it will show me invalid password or email so I did forget password and I tired logining in the jamb profile for this year but it show me my jamb profile for last year

    Please wat should I do ?
    And is it possible for me to change the email

    • Good day, Joy.
      Are you sure you’re using the correct email to access the account. Anyways, you can email me personally at to confirm this for you. Or visit any JAMBb office around you to make the complaint if you are 100% sure of using the correct email and its account profile displays your previous jamb profile.

  16. Please i lost my sim used in registering jamb. Please how do i replace it

  17. Please my screening form requires my phone number and the i lost the phone number used in registering jamb. If i put a new phone number will it affect me please.

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