Cost of Drilling Borehole in Nigeria | Manual drilling & Heavy Duty Borehole drilling

Water remains one of the MOST essential nature resources Man will never do without, that is the reason Fela Kuti’s song said “Water No Get Enemy”. When we checked around we see new projects going on, people building, some wants to start. And that is why some are asking for the Cost of Drilling Borehole in Nigeria.

On this page we have discoursed every details concerning the cost of drilling borehole in Nigeria and the types of borehole drilling system available in Nigeria, with their possible prices.

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But has you are reading this, no matter where you are in Nigeria, You most understand that the following factors affecting the prices of drilling Borehole in Nigeria.

Possible Factor That Affect Cost of Drilling Borehole in Nigeria

  1. Depending on which part of the state in Nigeria you want to dig the borehole.
  2. Cost of materials in that state.
  3. Cost of workmanship in that state
  4. Cost of Human/living in that state.
  5. Economic standard of the state – If the state is well known for doing business, and there are much population in there, then the cost of doing any kind of job there usually is high.
  6. Number of contractors, whether Manual-usage contractors or Machine-usage contractors. If there is high competition within themselves then the price will be little bit low

Before going into the main details of this page, lets check out the types of drilling water borehole systems.

Types of Drilling Borehole Water systems

  • The manual drilling method – This is the manual type which takes time and needs the assistance of more than 7 people to do the job.The manual drilling method
  • The heavy duty borehole drilling system – This are type of contractors who uses sophisticated machines and tractors for Drilling Borehole. They require not more than 2 -3 people to do the business.The heavy duty borehole drilling system
  1. Please Note that the disadvantage of using the manual drilling system is that you stand to pay triple the amount of your original budget if the manual borehole drilling team hit underground stone that the drilling machine cannot crack.
  2. Using the Manual drilling contractors might take up to 4 – 7 days to complete. Whereas the ┬áHeavy Duty Borehole drilling is faster and can take just about 1 -2 days to finish or find water underground.

Cost of Drilling Borehole in Nigeria

Water boreholes Lagos Nigeria are usually within the 100 feet to 200 feet range depending on how close your neighborhood is to water.

The Heavy duty borehole drilling cost about = N120,000 to N650,000. Depending the state you are and cost of work in that state also.

While the manual drilling method cost about N200,000 – N300,000.

In conclusion, get a Heavy Duty Borehole drilling instead of just the Manual drilling or simple water well. The water is cleaner and safer.

Also make sure to;

  • Evaluate the area your property is located
  • Investigate the situation with other boreholes in your area
  • If you most insist on using the Manual drilling contrators then its also good but if it’s a stony area, settle for the heavy duty drilling equipment.

Just in n case you need a Borehole Drilling Services contact, then you make use of the comment box below to indicate so that we can reach you fast.



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