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Create Afribary Account And Make Money Writing Research Works

Do you love writing and researching? Well, that passion is about to be turned into money generation. If you create Afribary account, you are just on your way to earning money from your love of writing. How? you may ask. We will answer you.

What Is Afribary?

Afribary is an online Africa focused academic research platform that can help you find, share and publish quality academic research work. It also allows you to find quality research papers, projects, seminars, book notes etc to aid your academic work. On Afribary, you can publish your academic papers, organise your research and build your reputation. Get help with your research by collaborating with other researchers. Access and read papers on the go. And get paid!!!

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How To Create Afribary Account

Before doing anything on Afribary, you will need to create your account first. So, here is how to go about it.

  1. Visit the Afribary Signup page.
  2. fill the application form.
  3. then, click on “create your account now”.
  4. that is all.

Afribary Login Page

Now we are done with Create Afribary Account, you have to log into your own dashboard.

  1. Log onto https://afribary.com/login
  2. type in your email and password you used in creating your account.
  3. Then, click on “Login”.

How Does Afribary Work

So, let’s show you how Afribary works so you too can start earning.

  1. The first step is to register on Afribary. To register, CLICK HERE. Registration only takes a few seconds. After registration  you can proceed to the next stage.
  2. The second step is to upload your papers. You can publish the following papers: Final year Projects, Thesis, Dissertations, Essays, Seminars, Book Notes, Lesson Notes, Detailed Academic Articles, Termpapers, Text books, journals etc. To Upload, click on Upload WorkAfter uploading, Edit the title of work, select the type of paper and field. Enter overview/abstract and publish. Remember to select publish.
  3. After uploading your papers, you can update your profile and add your payment details, Affiliations (academic info) and interests. The payment details will help us in paying you when you reach the payment threshold. Your academic details will help boost your public profile.
  4. When people read and download your works, they pay. However, Afribary pays you when you reach the threshold for payment. 

Afribary Pricing

In Afribary, you pay a monthly subscription fee of #5,500. You may ask, why should i pay the subscription fee?

  1. Get access to thousands of research works
  2. Read unlimited number of works
  3. Upload and manage your academic works
  4. Cancel your subscription anytime.

How To Download on Afribary

Below is how you can access or download a work on Afribary

  1. Register/Log In on the site
  2. Use the search box to search for your topic; when you find any work relevant to your topic open to view the abstract and/or table of contents.
  3. To access click on ‘Subscribe & Download’ on the work overview page. If you already subscribed click on ‘Read’ or ‘Download’ 
  4. To Subscribe, on Subscription page, Choose your preferred method of payment and click continue
    • Online => (Pay by ATM/Debit/Credit card or Pay by Bank)
    • Offline => Bank Payment or Transfer
  5. Complete payment and access/download work. If you choose offline (bank payment) and continue you will see our bank details on the next page. Follow the instructions specified on the page and submit payment details after payment.
  6. If you choose any of the online payment options and continue, you will be shown to our payment gateway to process payment on your card. Follow the steps and complete payment. After payment click continue to get access and download your work immediately.
  7. If you choose online payment, you can read or download the work immediately but if you choose bank option you will wait for payment confirmation before you can read or download. Payment confirmation takes about 3 hours.
  8. If you have any issues or questions you can always Contact Us

How To Upload On Afribary

  1. Register / Log In on the site
  2. Click on Upload Work .
  3. Attach / Upload the document in any of the following formats (PDF, Microsoft Office (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX) or RTF) Click ‘Upload Work’ to continue.
  4. Crosscheck and update the title of work, enter description of work (Table of contents, abstract or introduction), select paper type and field and submit.

Now, you can Create Afribary Account and start learning and earning. What better way?


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