Create an Instagram account for business creator and personal

Create an Instagram Account (Personal, Creator & Business Account)

You may have had about the different types of accounts Instagram offers. But before explaining each of these accounts, you should have created an Instagram account first. The page has complete steps to create a new Instagram account.

Like I’d already pointed out the different accounts available, now let’s explain each of these accounts to enable you to know which of the account is best for you.

Ordinarily, Instagram only categorized its account into TWO, namely; Personal and Professional Accounts. It is from the professional account you get to see Creator and Business account – both are regarded as the “Professional account”.

In a nutshell, the professional account is designed for public figures, content producers, artists, influencers, retailers, local businesses, brands, organizations,s and service providers. Indeed it’s worth the name “Instagram Professional Account”.

Now, let’s dive into each of the accounts types to enable you to determine which (and why) is best for you, your business, or your activities.

Available Key Features on Instagram Account Types

Key FeaturesPersonal AccountCreator AccountBusiness Account

Benefits of Instagram’s Personal, Creator and Professional Accounts

Trust me as I tell you for free if you’re a business owner or a marketer you would want to create or switch to the Instagram professional account because there are huge disadvantages, yet they do have their different benefits.

The personal account has access to all of the music options in reels and stories.

Also, it is the only account type that can be private. While the Professional account lacks that.

But aside from that, the professional account which has two distinct account types “Creator and Business”; is credited for its advanced features like the Analytics (also called Insights), contact button, gift card delivery, and branded content feature, which the personal account doesn’t posesess.

Instagram Personal Account

If you only want to keep it simple, without any intents of running a business then the Instagram personal account would be the best ideal to use. It’s easy to use and understand, however, your account is by default a personal account once you’ve completed the Instagram sign-up account process.

There is no option of signing up for either a personal or professional account. Instead, account owners are able to switch from personal to professional or vice versa, at any point in time.

Instagram Creator Account

The Creator account is intended for the influencers; that is those people creating content that’s aligning with the brand but may not necessarily sell their own products.

The creator account have access to the full music library, the same as personal account, but this time not so on the business account.

Instagram Business Account

Just as the name suggested, the business account is intended for business entities that are making money or selling something online. The business account has API access, scheduling, access to the Facebook creator studio for managing Instagram from your desktop, and the ability to use third-party analytics. Please note that the Creator account doesn’t have the API access as the business.

Which one of the Professional accounts is Best for You Business or Creator account?

If you need to stand out in your branding, posting and scheduling then the business account will be best for you. But the creator account may be ideal for you if you want to have access to the full music library for your Short Reels and Stories contents.

How to Switch to the Instagram Professional Accounts

Yes, you can switch to a professional account (that is either to a creator or business account). The professional account is also regarded as a business account (by many users) and on this page, we have discussed the Instagram business account specifically.

  1. Go to your instagram account
  2. Then click on the THREE line (which is the menu button actcually)
  3. Then select go to the settings option
  4. Then scroll down to the account option
  5. Then you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’re going to see the “Switch accout type“.
  6. Then you will get the option to either switch to personal or business account.

Please note the following;

  • Keep in mind that things may differ from device to device as new updates are been rolled out.
  • Also, depending what account you’re already in, for example, if you;re already in Business account, you may see option to switch between personal and creator account, vice versa.
  • Switching from one type of account to different types is not wrong, but consistently doing that (like on weekly or daily interval) will result to your account being flaged.
  • It is also important to note that stwitching from business to creator or to personal won’t transfer any features of any account type to another.

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