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How to Create A Facebook Fans Page that Converts |

A Facebook fans page is a public profile basically created for businesses, brands, celebrities, causes, and other organizations. It is also a way of promoting business, creating awareness of of latest events.

Your Facebook Business page is a reflection of your brand, businesses, organizations and talents.

What Information You Need To Create a FB Business or Fan Page

Having a Facebook account. Facebook is the deepest ocean of social media for business and individuals. Right in your Facebook account, you’ll be creating your Pages.

Have a business, brand or talent to showcase. Because Facebook is the most popular social place where information easily goes viral within a tinkly of an eye, no matter the nature of your business, brand or talent – it sure fits to be seen by people.

You don’t really really need to have a website before creating a business page for your business, nither must your business be registered or is a mage-type of business before using the Facebook business page platform.

In a nutshell, this platform is for big and small businesses, individuals, schools, organizations, governments, etc. All sectors are qualified to create pages for the services they offer.

Details about your businesses or brands. This is one of the vital parts of information when creating a Facebook business page. Your brands can’t name is not enough to speak for itself. This is why there is information like;

  • Business or band categories: All concepts fits into one or more/similar category, which is the first step of narrowing down to the type of service your brand/business belongs.
  • Description of your business or products and services: This is a roadmap to letting the audience know what your services are all about. Though you have limited text for expression. But expected to make a brief, smart and enticing description of the business or brand.
  • Cover-image and a logo: To make your page look more attractive and well defined – cover image and logo shouldn’t be skipped either.
  • Website: Is perfect if your business or brand has a website to redirect people to. There they can take the necessary actions you want. Especially if your business is blog news, shopping site, organization, etc.
  • Business contacts such as; office address, official email, and phone number: Of course, your business contact will be needed if you want your audience to contact you directly. You can make any of those contacts to be visible or invisible – depending on how you want it.

How to Create a Facebook Fans or Business Page

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook Account

facebook log in

Visit the official Facebook website and log in, you either type in your email address or phone number, and password. Please note that the Phone number or email address should be the same in your Facebook account in order to use it.

Step 2: Navigate to “Pages”

facebook business page login

When you login, you might not see the “Pages” menu until you have clicked the “See More”

Simply navigate to the left part of your account, you should see the list of menus. But you’re trying to create a Facebook page from your mobile, then click the menu icon, then select “see more” to see the “Pages” menu.

Then click “Create New Page”.

Step 3: Set Up Your Page With the Necessary Information

Create A Facebook Fans Page form

Now you’ll complete the form, providing the necessary information about your business or brand.

Starting with;

  • Page name: Your page name is your business or brand name.
  • Category: This is what describes what type of your business organization or topic your page is about. You need to type in the box to enable Facebook to bring out options to choice. You can choice more than one category that best represent your business.
  • Description: This is where you write what your business or brand does the services, or the purpose of creating this page for your business.

As you fill the Facebook Page creation form, you will be seeing the preview of the page. You can also check to see how the mobile view looks like by clicking the mobile phone icon at the top of the preview (snippet).

Then click “Create Page”.

You can always edit or charge any of the information you’ve provided anytime.

Step 4: Upload your Cover Image and Logo

facebook fan page upload image-logo

Complete the options to upload your business cover image and logo shows. Then click on “Save”.

Please note that you can always come back to upload later if you don’t have the best cover image and logo, or you edit later even after saving your uploads.

The purpose of the logo/image and the cover image is to enable people to always identify your business whenever and wherever they see it. Every business has a peculiar image and logo of identifying them, the same way yours should be also.

Step 5: Create A Page User ID/ Name

facebook business page user id

The Page user name or ID gives your business page a searchable identity to search with. And pages with username can create a custom URLs that lets people directly visit the business page and drop messages.

Meaning that people can find your page in search and when people also visit and send a page messages at

Click on “Create @username”, then a small box opens for you to enter a desired name that you like to be as your Facebook username, then click “Create Username” if the name you choose is available. And click “Done” to close the box.

Step 6: Add a Button

The button enables you to choose the actions you want your page visitors to take whenever they click on it.

For example, there are several options like;

  • redirecting them to a website of your business or other sites they can purchase something,
  • add a business phone number they can call,
  • to book,
  • to get a quote,
  • to send messages via Facebook messenger,
  • to send Whatsapp message,
  • to send you an email, and
  • add your app for then to visit,

select the option that best suits for your business ad fill in the requires information, then save your changes.

You can always edit or delete the button, simply by clicking on the button and select the action you want to excite.


Furthermore, you may as well decide to start inviting people to join, like and share your page.

At this point, you have successfully created a Facebook business page. Now you can start creating post, and even going an extra step to start running an Ad campaign for more awareness of your business.

Lastly, you can check and keep following other Facebook’s recommendations to keep your boosting your business page. Go to “About” page and see other details of you business you can want to include.

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