Create Facebook Business Manager Account From Scratch

If you are a social media marketer, digital marketer or internet marketer, you need to have this knowledge on how to create Facebook business manager account. This is a tool every savvy business and marketing professional should have in his or her arsenal. In this guide, you will be shown how you can create your own account even from scratch. you will also understand what this is all about and how to set it up.

What Is Facebook Business Manager Account?

This is a tool that allows all advertisers and marketers to manage all their marketing efforts from one place. It also allows you access to add other vital and strategic persons to this account. That is to say, A this FB business account allows you to carry out all your marketing services from one place rather than having them scattered. This enhances the coordination of all marketing strategies.

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The Facebook business manager account allows you to carry out lots of functions. Some of them include the ability to create and manage many assets (Instagram account, Facebook page, product catalogue etc).

Also, you can be able to track all your Instagram and Facebook ads from this very account. Furthermore, this account permits you the privilege to control user access and permissions on all who work on this account. The functions are simply huge.

How To Create Facebook Business Manager Account

Here is the simple guide you need to follow.

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in the form including
    1. Your business and account name
    2. Your name
    3. The, your email.
    4. When done, click on “Next”.

      create Facebook business manager account

      A Facebook business manager account signup form

  3. The next page requires you to add business details. This includes
    1. Country
    2. Street Address
    3. City, State, Postal code, website etc

      Facebook business manager account

      Business details

  4. You will be sent a confirmation message, asking you to confirm your email.

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How To Set Up Your FB Business Manager Account

After you have created this account, the next thing is to set up this account to suit your taste. As you’d expect, there are many functionalities under this.

You can upload your profile and cover photo on this account. You can also add extra security and a whole lot of other activities. All you have to do is to click on anything you want to do and you will be guided properly.

Facebook business manager account

FB business manager account Set Up

Who Needs A Facebook Business Manager Account?

There are lots of persons who need this account. Below is the list of different categories of persons or organisation that needs this.

  1. A firm or company that wants to use several ad accounts.
  2. Any agency that manages multiple social media accounts for their clients
  3. Agencies that manage different ad accounts for clients.
  4. A company that runs collaboration with other companies to run joint accounts.
  5. anyone or business with different Facebook pages.

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Benefits Of Facebook Business Manager Account

There are many different advantages and benefits you gain from using this account. Some of them include:

  1. To have more control over your pages and ad accounts.
  2. You will be able to share Facebook pixels with other businesses.
  3. Ability to manage several Facebook and Instagram account from one place.
  4. You can assign different roles to your employees for different functions.
  5. Prevents or limits the admin access you give to some individuals.

So, here you have it. You have seen how to create Facebook business manager account. We have also outlined how to set it up. You have also the benefits as well as who should need the account.

If you have questions? Then ask below and get your answers immediately.


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