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How To Create Facebook Watch Party From The Scratch

Facebook Watch Party is not an entirely new feature. It has been much around for some time now. However, this unique feature was only available to Facebook groups and pages. Recently the Facebook Watch Party has been made accessible to individual accounts and profiles. So, you can easily set up your own Watch party. We will show you how to create Facebook Watch Party right away without any challenge. 

What is Facebook Watch Party? Did I hear you ask that? I will tell you. Facebook watch party, in a simple terms, allows you select some videos you want to watch on Facebook. However, rather than watch alone, the Watch party allows you invite your friends to join you watch. Let’s take it this way, you are a relationship counselor on Facebook. You found some useful Facebook videos that could likely benefit your audience.

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You select these videos and then, make it public for them to watch alongside you. Do you get the idea now? Anybody can use this right now. Also note, the videos you select will be videos that are set on “Public” viewing by the owners. Let’s show you how to create Facebook Watch Party.

How To Create Facebook Watch Party

So, you are ready to wow your audience by creating a Facebook watch party. Here is how to go about it below.

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. As you are about to create a new post in the “What’s on Your Mind” space, click on “Watch Party”. if it is not seen, click on the menu (…) sign.
  3. Then, if this is the first time you’ve created a Watch Party, you’ll see a window describing how the feature works. Tap “OK” at the bottom of this window to move on.
  4. You will immediately see some videos to select from.
  5. However, you can also use the search button and search for any videos you have in mind. Note: Only videos with the “public” privacy setting will appear in your search results. Also note, you can tap “Add Videos Later” at the bottom of the screen to create and share the Watch Party on your News Feed and add videos to it later.
  6. Then, Tap a video to add it to your queue. Note: You can tap multiple videos to add them all to your queue. You can also tap the search bar again to search for a different video to add to your queue.
  7. When you’re done adding videos to your queue, tap “Done” in the top-right corner of the screen.
  8. Tap “Share” in the top-right corner of the screen to share the post containing your Watch Party to your News Feed. Note: You can tap “Say something about your watch party …” to add text to your post before sharing it.
  9. That is all. Enjoy.

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Do you have any question on how to create Facebook search party? use the comment box below and we shall attend to you.


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