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How To Create A Gmail Account Without Phone Number or Alternative Email

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Google email is a well organized mailing company that allows people to create email for free. The platform for creating the mail goes across PC and Mobile phone. Meaning that you can create a new Gmail account using mobile phone or PC. But coming to think about this, I wonder why you want to learn how to to create a Gmail account without Phone number or alternative email.

Mobile number is used by any company for the signup process for the authenticity of an individual person such a Google, Yahoo, Yandex, GMX, Facebook etc. This help to limiting spammers from creating anonymous email account or any online account. Yet some people are contemplating if to create a new gmail account without phone number was achievable. Yes, it is possible to create an account without verification.

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We found out that their are reasons why people create mail account a mail account without phone number or alternative email account. Below are some point to back this up:

Why You May Create a New Gmail Account Without Phone Number

  • Reason could be that you are a kid and you are under 15.
  • Could it be you lost your Phone number and not yet retrieved back?
  • You have created more than FIVE email account using a particular phone number and you still want to create more account but Google is rejecting your application because you needed to verify your registration again?


Here is Full Tutorial on How To Create A Gmail Account Without Phone Number or Alternative Email

  1. Log on to www.gmail.com
  2. Click the Create New Account
  3. Fill out the signup form with below of 14 years Date of birth. Doing this google assumes that you are a kid so may not have mobile number. Then leave the mobile number field empty.  Keep the mobile phone place and recovery email empty
  4. Then accepts the terms and conditions and click create account or Sign up.

Please NOTE  that phone number is good for security reasons i prefer you to create gmail account with phone number only.

The Importance of creating A Gmail Account With Phone Number or Alternative Email

  • On creating your account Phone number is needed so that you prove not to be a spammer.
  • Phone number can also be used to get your gamil account back in case you lose your account password.
  • Recovery email (or  alternative email) is used to recover your email account when you lost password.



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