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Creating a JAMB profile is one of the most important thing any potential or intending JAMB candidate can do. Without creating a JAMB profile, it is as good as you are not ready for JAMB exams. As registration for 2019 JAMB is about to commence, it is important we show you how to create JAMB 2019 profile. The guidelines here will ensure everything is clear for you.

We will show you two ways you can use to create jamb 2019 profile. Just ensure you follow these guidelines as we outline it here. You are in safe hands if you follow the instructions here.

How To Create JAMB 2019 Profile Through Text Message

To create JAMB profile using the Text message method, this is what you should do.

  1. Open your phone Text message app.
  2. Then, type your name (Surname, First-Name and Middle-Name) and send to 55019.
  3. Within a minutes, A JAMB Profile Code of 10 characters will be sent your phone number. For example: if your name is (Middle Name) Emeka (First-name) Kayode (Surname) Haruna, then you are expected to send the following: Haruna Kayode Emeka to 55019 using your original number via message.

Note: You are expected to keep the 10 character number safe, protect it and don’t lost it. Because, that is what you will use to start JAMB registration at any CBT centre and procure the ePIN.

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How To Create JAMB 2019 Profile Through Web

To create your profile on the JAMB website, here is your guide.

  1. Log onto the JAMB portal
  2. Fill the application form in this order
    1. – Your original E-mail and Confirmation E-mail
    2. – Your main phone number and Confirm cell number
    3. – Select a question (You can easily remember)
    4. – Enter secret question answer and confirm secret question answer
  3. – Now, tap Verify e-mail
  4. – A link will be send to your email boxx
  5. – Log into your email and open “[email protected]”, which is titled “eMail Address Confirmation”.
  6. – Open it, and tap on “Click here to continue your Profile Creation” (If you did not find the message in your INBOX, then go to SPAM/JUNK folder).
  7. – After clicking on the link, you will be promoted to enter your personal information:
  8. – Your Names (surname, first name, middle name), Gender (Male or Female), Date of birth, Mobile phone number, nationality, state of origin, e-mail address and password.
  9. – Click on Sign-up and you are done
  10. – You will see a display pop-up, “Your Account Creation Was Successful.”
  11. – Tap on proceed to login and you will your JAMB 2019 Profile at your Dashboard.

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To Create JAMB 2019 Profile shouldn’t take you too long. But ensure you do not rush and make mistakes. However, if you have any challenge, we are here to help you out. Good luck!

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