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If you want to know the best sites to sell your pictures online, you can check out this article here. We have covered that in details. Shutterstock was one of the sites we pointed out. Now, we want to show you how to create Shutterstock account so you can be able to sell your pictures online and make cool money. So, follow this guide.

Selling photos online is one of the best ways to make money online. You can earn massively by being a digital photographer. You can capture wonderful scenes, upload to shuttterstock and get paid. Before then, let’s show you how to create shutterstock account.

Create Shutterstock Account

Below are the guidelines on how you can create shutterstock account.

  1. Log onto the account creation portal:
  2. Fill up the form which includes your email and password.
  3. When you are done, click on “Continue” and the follow other steps you are required to follow.
  4. That is all.

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How To Become Shutterstock Contributor

If you want to sell pictures on Shutter stock, you are called a contributor. And the stages of selling pictures on Shutterstock include the following:

  1. Produce high quality videos and images
  2. Upload your content on Shutterstock.
  3. Then, the third step is to get paid when your content is downloaded by clients from all over the world.
  4. You can earn more money when you refer people to become members and contributors.

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How To Sell On Shutterstock

To be able to sell on Shutterstock, you will first have to create a contributor’s account. This is different from the one we treated above. Here is your guideline.

  1. Visit the contributor registration portal here.
  2. Fill up the registration form
  3. Then you are good to go.
  4. Please note that you must 18 and above. Then, you need to read and agree to the terms and conditions before creating your account.

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How To Get Paid On Shutterstock

The payment cycle for Shutterstock contributors is set up on a monthly basis. Payments are calculated at the end of every month for contributors who meet their minimum payout amount and are eligible to receive payment. Payments are sent according to the settings indicated in the contributor account at the time that the payment was calculated.

Payment Period

  1. At Midnight (12:00 AM EST) New York Time on the 1st day of the month the payment period ends and a new cycle begins.
  2. Shortly after the payment period ends we start calculating payments.

You have seen how to create Shutterstock account and how to sell photos on shutterstock. If you have questions, use the comment box below and we shall attend to them.

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