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Learn How to Download and Create Whatsapp Messenger Account on all Mobile Phones, here

Its not a suppress to me that many wants to join WhatsApp Messenger and yet some do not know how to download and create whatsapp messenger account on their mobile phones. Here I will make sure you learn how to download and create whatsapp messenger account free irrespective of the mobile phones you use.

There is some thing you should understand that, for you to create whatsapp messenger account you have to download the application first. SO am going to show you how to download before creating the account.

How to download free Whatsapp Messenger account;

  1. use your mobile browser to login to; www.whatsapp.com
  2. When the page opens, just click on download
  3. A message will pop up informing you if you would allow the application to access your network, click “OK” or “Allow”
  4. Then wait for about 15 – 20 minutes for the application to download.
  5. After the installation, the application automatically start installing

How to create Whatsapp Messenger account on mobile phones;

  1. During installation, the whatsapp mobile registration starts
  2. Enter your mobile number (it is proper if you use the same mobile you use to download the application)
  3. Enter your Name and also edit or upload your desire picture or still you can still take a quick picture and then upload.
  4. Finally, wait for WhatApp Messenger to organize your details
  5. NOw you can start adding friends for your phone-book. You can also add friends by typing in their user-name.

This is how to Learn How to Download and Create Whatsapp Messenger on all Mobile Phones.

Share this information across to others.

If any challenges use the comment box to indicate. Or you can appreciate my effort.




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