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How Do I Create Yahoo Account Using Mobile Phone? – See Full Steps

You are here because you want to learn how to Create Yahoo account using mobile phone. And we have done my best to give good explanations on available stapes to register a new Yahoomail account with mobile.

Meanwhile, the same thing you see on your PC when you login or create an account is likewise what you will see using a mobile phone. Meaning that the interface, tools and services remain the same and complete – to organise your email and files right in your email account. As you may already read that Yahoo offers free 100GB space to save important information in your email. Be it documents, medians, etc…

The Benefits of Logging into Yahoo Email Using Mobile Phone

Apart from the fact that every tool is also available for you to be able to organize your email, there are personal benefits using YAHOO EMAIL on Mobile phones Mostly when you are using an official App.

  • You easily signup new account using mobile.
  • You easily login Yahoo email with mobile.
  • The interesting part is once you login – as long as the phone belongs to you, you will always be logged in.
  • Because you are logged in at all time, you get a quick update as it comes instantly.
  • You have the ability to send/receive emails from others using Yahoo mail or other mailing services such as Gmail, AOL, Yandex, Hotmail, Outlook, etc…
  • Because you are using a mobile phone (app) you will always get alert once an email comes in.
  • You can as well add all other email accounts (like Gmail, Yandex, AOL, outlook) to access them from one platform. This means you need not logging into different emails to read or send an email. Everything will be in one place.

Platforms to Login Yahoo With Mobile Phone

You can either use an App to access your account, as well as use your mobile phone browser too. No matter the screen size of your mobile phone Yahoo Email page will always fit the screen.

There is little difference using this method to access your account. which are;

→ using browsers will be like you are using a desktop computer in the sense that you can’t get an instant alert when an email comes in. And except you save your password, you will always require entering a password at all time you want to login yahoo with mobile phone.


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How to Create Yahoo Account Using Mobile Phone

  1. You start by downloading an official app from your mobile App store. For instance, if you are using an Android phone, tap your Google Play Store App, then use the search bar and type in “Yahoo Email”

You should see the app comes first. Or you click here to see an official link to download the latest app – which we have posted previously.

2. Once the app has finished downloading and installing, click on “Open” or go to your Phone App page to open the app from there. the page come like this (see image below);

Create Yahoo Account Using Mobile PhoneThen you can process by clicking the Yahoo Mail – this means you want to create an account with YahooMail.com on mobile. But if you already have login ID then use the link below to “Sign In”

3. On clicking the ‘Sign In” button, a new page opens where you login or Sign up – For the purpose of this page we want to Create Yahoo Account, therefore, we process and click on “Sign up” that you see at the bottom the login button.

4. Begin to fill the form. on getting to “email address”, you enter your desired user ID you love to use an email ID (generally will as well be your login ID on all other Verizon web pages). Please note that Yahoo may suggest a list of email ID to use if your desire isn’t available.

Yahoo Email suggestion comes with a combination of numbers and names you provided.

Also, another important part is your country’s code. This is where you select your country code (if it wasn’t selected correctly) then enter your phone number. Note that your phone number MUST be valid and MUST rime with the country code – to enable YAHOO ACCOUNT VERIFICATION CODE sent to you via an SMS.

5. Enter your date of birth then click “Continue” button.

6. This is the point where you have to confirm that your phone number is correct for the last time in order to proceed to get the verification code. Once you confirm that the phone number is correct – click on send code or send a verification code. in less than 10 seconds you should get an SMS open your message inbox and enter the code. Then click on “Verify”. Once that is correctly done you should see a congratulating message that your account is fully activated. See image below;

yahoo mobile sign up successfulThis means you have successfully Created Yahoo Account Using Mobile Phone for free. then you click “Continue” to login account.


But on the here you decide to use another email account to signup for a Yahoo ID (which also automatically becomes your Yahoo email address) then you will not have to enter a phone number. Instead, you will be required to enter the email address you want to use.

NOTE: this is going to be an already register and functioning email account. People tend using this whereby they want their email address to look alike. For example, I have an email account with Gmail as onlinedailys@gmail.com, then I also want the same address to be for my yahoo address. That is what it means!


Now, once you have entered that email address, Yahoo will then send a verification code to that email address, which means you have t access that email account of yours, get the code and enter it in Yahoo verification form. Once you are done with that, click on – Verify. And that is all!


How to Register New Yahoo Email Address Using Mobile Phone Browser

Remeber that the above explanation started with downloading an App first. But this method you do not need to start downloading an app all you need do is;

  1. Open any of the browsers you want to use
  2. visit www.yahoomail.com
  3. The page above should open a Yahoo Login form. But at the bottom, you see a link to click on if you want to create an Account.
  4. On click on the link, that leads you to the rest of the above explanations (from No. 3 to No. 6).
  5. Once you complete the registration, including verifying the account (either using already existing email or your phone number), then you can login your new account to start sending mails, receiving emails, saving files, accessing Yahoo Messenger, etc.


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Logging into YahooEmail on Mobile

Whenever you want to re-login you can always visit www.yahoomail.com if you are using your mobile browser. Or you using the app to do the same. The key point is that your email address and password is required to access your account. And like I said in the beginning that if you are using an App then you will not be logged out unless you do that yourself.


Hope you got every full information you needed to know how to create yahoo account using a mobile phone?

Please feel free to share your challenges so that we can always guide you. Also do well by sharing this page (see social share buttons below).




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