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Credit Karma Review: How to Sign Up, Login CreditKarma.com, Check Credit Score

What is your Credit score?
Do you pay a dime to get your credit score?
How offten can you check your credit score?
Do you know how to build Good credit score?

Checking credit score will always remain an inevitable situtation to be because it give you and the theh company details about your financial reports. Esspicially, having the entention to get a loan, mortgage rates, credit card approvals and even a job or housing application. This is why it is a good approch to frequently review and know your credit score.

Also, to identify ways to could improve your score; in case your score isn’t good enough to qualify get the exact thing you needed.

But even before now, the Federal law authrize that every 12 months, everyone has the right to one free credit report from each of the big three credit-reporting companies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Which every consumers have to apply through the official credit-report site; AnnualCreditReport.com in order to gain such previlage.

But everyone wants to keep close track of its credit score and you aren’t excluded either – for free or at a very aforable cost.

Credit Karma is the game changer; by offering 24/7 free credit score records from TransUnion and Equifax and proving financial tools to help build a good credit score.

Of course, its too easy to mention the word “FREE” knowing well that nothing is more affordable than free services. But still have the fear of scam and hackers who maliuosly highjack credit details.

Someone Once asked Us “Is credit Karma Safe?

CreditKarma is a San Francisco–based company founded in 2007. For the fact that has bet to countine offering free services to its registered users doesn’t mean they as well don’t make money – so they do make money too.

Its very secured and has never gotten ant nagive complains regarding card information threft or related.

How Do They Make Their Money?

I know it’s necessary to know how they make money in trune of the free services which they offer. Because knowing how important it always will be to know your credit score, it’s supose to be a good avenue for Credit Karma to as well make good money – of which they do on the contraly.

Credit Karma is a for-profit business. It is offering you something for free, but it is making money elsewhere.

The company’s revenue advertises for customers, posted online, reads. Now this is it; When you access the free credit score site, Credit Karma will always show you personalized offers that are based on your credit profile. These offers are from advertisers who as well share their vision of consumer empowerment. Its now left for you to take advantage of those offers. Some percentage will be rolling to creditkarma.com once you do. However, Credit Karma always tries giving the power and the choice back to the consumer.

So understand it that;

  • First, CreditKarma.com along with your credit score, while it places advertisements on the page. And hoping as well that you will respond to those ads because they are relivant to help you build and mentain good credit score
  • Second, because Credit Karma is pulling your credit score, its system knows a lot about you, and it can carefully tailor ads to your spending habits.

And we all understand that more targeted ads are better for advertisers since they don’t waste money putting ads in front of people who would never use their services and usually allow the advertising company to charge more per ad. With more than 40 million active users, Credit Karma has a healthy revenue model.

Credit Karma Monitoring

CreditKarma.com or creditkarma.ca help in keeping accurate recores of your credit score, and as mentioned earlier that they fetch repost from the top record models – TransUnion and Equifax.

The idea is; instead of getting your record once in a year, Credit Karma get track of your record and make it available to you at all times; anytime, anywhere, and to never pay for it. Once you have completed the Credit Karma registration process (using the steps below) then you always get your score records.

www.CreditKarma.com Account Registration

Let’s take you through the registration process – from start to finish.

  1. Go to the main website – www.creditkarma.com
  2. Click on “Sign Up for free” or “See my score” button.
  3. Now there are THREE-stages of this registration;
    Stage 1: You’ll provide the Email Address and password for your new account,
    Stage 2: You share you personal information; such as Full name, Street address, Apartment, City and state, Zip code and data of birth, last 4-digits of your security number (which is used to pull out your credit information.
    Stage 3: Now you confirm that everyinformation you shared on the page is correct.
  4. click the “Submit” button once all thses stages are completed.
  5. Login to your email and conform your registration.
  6. At this point, youru registration is complete. You may procceed to Login to your account

How to Login Credit Karma Monitoring Account

Credit Karma Login image
  • Go to the official website
  • Click on login
  • enter your email and password
  • then click on Log in

Now you should be able to see Your credit score and other financal tools to help build and mentain good credit profile.

Download Credit Card Score Checker on Mobile Phones

The official mobile Application is available for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad). Now you can even more confirtably “AT ALL TIMES” and “ANYWHERE” check your credit score.

To download Credit Karma App for mobile simply use the link below;

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