Crystal Neldar Compensation Plans

Crystal Neldar Compensation Plans – Top Benefits Of Crystal Neldar MLM

Crystal Neldar is one of the best multi-level marketing program in Nigeria. Crystal Neldar is the cheapest, easiest and best Multi-level marketing program in Nigeria. Just like every MLM, Crystal Neldar has a very good compensation plan. So, let’s take a look at Crystal Neldar Compensation Plans. We will also highlight the benefits and other services of Crystal Neldar.

Like we said earlier, the Crystal Neldar Compensation Plans is easy and very fast. It has 8 stages but each operates with a matrix of 2*2. We will explain that later. All you need to know about Crystal Neldar has been already handled here. So, let’s go straight to the compensation plans below.

Crystal Neldar Compensation Plans

Crystal Neldar has 8 stages. They include:

  1. Feeder Stage
  2. Amber Stage
  3. Sapphire Stage
  4. Emerald Stage
  5. Ruby Stage
  6. Gold Stage
  7. Diamond Stage
  8. Crystal Stage

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How It Works

How Crystal Works In All Stages

Crystal Neldar works with a one-time payment of $16 (#3,200). Once you register, you bring two persons to register under you. However, you can register more than one account. Once you finish stage one, you move to the next stage to the last stage. Crystal Neldar demands that you need 6 persons under each stage to move to the next. This is the easiest so far and fastest. See image:

Please note: the onlinedailys team does not force you to join. Since we have seen people have benefitted from it, we decided to bring it to you. So, take note.

Benefits Of Crystal Neldar

Crystal Neldar offers you many benefit for a token of just #3,200. These benefits are what you stand to gain for finishing each stage. The benefits include.

  1. Lifetime residual income
  2. House
  3. International trips
  4. Pension ($600) per month.
  5. Cars
  6. Car maintenance fee
  7. Education trust funds
  8. Plots of lands
  9. Leisure allowance
  10. Laptops
  11. Mini home theatre
  12. Seminar allowance
  13. Refrigerator
  14. Generator etc

Note: all these benefits are given as you move from one stage to another.

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Crystal Neldar Services

Crystal Neldar offers many services. They include:

  • Skills Acquisition
  • Agro Services
  • Free Medical Services
  • Scholarship, Social Development and Welfarism
  • Leadership and Human Resource Development

All these services and benefits can be gotten with a one-time payment of $16 (#3,200).

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How To Register

To register, follow this whatsapp link you will be registered.

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