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Nigeria has many genuine Multi Level Marketing programs. We have Helping Hands International (H2i), Happy World Meal Gate, Avliyo Resources etc. However, Crystal Neldar is the best MLM business in Nigeria today. It is easy, cheap and rewarding. The Crystal Neldar Registration allows you gain a lot in goodies in a short time frame. Here is your guide for Crystal Neldar Sign Up.

Crystal Neldar has the best and easiest matrix of 2*2. That is, only 6 persons are needed to move from one stage to another. Unlike Helping Hands where you need 62 persons to complete Stage 2, here you need just 6. So, this guide on Crystal Neldar Sign Up is very helpful. Let us help you on your Crystal Neldar Registration.

Crystal Neldar Sign Up | Crystal Neldar Registration

To register for Crystal Neldar, you need only to pay a token of #3,200. Interestingly, you make payment to the company’s account. Here is how it goes.

Pay To

  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1020091496


  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1014993155

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After Payment, What Else?

After payment, you need to inform a registered member to register you. Send your evidence of payment to this WHATSAPP contact: 08136287811. Your registration will be completed.

Please Note: Your payment is not made to ONLINEDAILYS and we are not responsible for any risk you may encounter. However, given that it is registered and people are earning from it, we have decided to share with you. Be guided.

Benefits Of Crystal Neldar

Crystal Neldar operates in 7 stages. They include:

Stage Rewards/Earnings
Stage 1




Stage 2


#3,800 and you choose between a Wrist Watch OR Rechargeable Lamp worth $12.5 (N2,500).
Stage 3


#11,000 with an Incentive of a Smart Phone worth $75 (N15,000).
Stage 4


#19,000 with an Incentive of a Gas Cooker or Refrigerator or Generator worth $250 (N50,000) and Seminar Allowance worth $50 (N10,000).
Stage 5


#52,000 with an Incentive of a Business Support worth $1,250 (N250,000) and Laptop or Mini Home Theater worth $350 (N70,000).
Stage 6


#130,000 with an Award of a Car worth $17,500 (N3,500,000) and Leisure Allowance $500 (N100,000).
Stage 7


#270,000 with an Award of a SUV Car worth $35,000 (N7,000,000), an International Trip worth $2,500 (N500,000), an Plot of Land worth $75,000 (N1,500,000), Car Maintenance worth $1000 (N200,000) and an Education Trust Fund $5,000 (N1,000,000).
Stage 8


#440,000 with a House worth $60,000 (N12,000,000), an International Trip worth $5000 (N1,000,000), a Monthly Grocery (1yr) $2,500 (N500,000) and Pension (Per Month) $600 (N120,000) for One (1) year.

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Crystal Neldar’s Legality

Crystal Neldar is a registered company with the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Corporate Affairs Commission. See evidence of registration. You could also see how to check registered company’s in Nigeria.

After your Crystal Neldar Sign Up | Crystal Neldar Registration, you could also join this WHATSAPP group and communicate with other members.

If you have any question on this, let us hear. Use the comment box below and we shall attend to you.


3 responses to “Crystal Neldar Sign Up | Crystal Neldar Registration | Registration”

  1. Jimoh Haruna

    My name is Jimoh Haruna, l registered with your company last year with #3200 for fourteen people under me. My question now is that which stage l suppose to be and what is my entitlement?

  2. Amb. Emmanuel

    Kindly log into your account and click on your “downline tree” and you will be shown your current stage. Whatever financial reward you will have will still be in the dashboard.

  3. Glory

    How can somebody register with encountering problem

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