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Current DStv Subscription Packages, Channels and Price List

On this page, you will be seeing the complete list of DStv subscription packages, channels, and price lists. DStv offers various packages that have different price tags, and each of these packages has its various channels that you’re entitled to when you subscribe.

List of DSTV Packages and their Price Tags

Channels Prices
(Per Month)
DStv Premium 148 channels NGN15,800
DStv Compact Plus 138 channels NGN10,650
DStv Compact 131 channels NGN6,800
DStv Family 108 channels NGN4,000
DStv Access 90 channels NGN2,000
DStv Confam NGN4,500
DStv Yanga NGN2,500

The additional perk is that you can pay an annual subscription fee and pay for just 11 months to get a 1 free month.

Let’s further list out channels that DStv offers on each package. To start with, DStv offers about 11 categories of channels of which you find various channels under each.

  • Entertainment and Movies
  • Documentary
  • News and Commerce
  • Children
  • Lifestyle and Culture
  • Religion
  • Music
  • Specialist
  • Local Channels
  • Sport
  • Audio (Radio)

Use the “NEXT” button below to read through each of the channels for all “DStv Subscription Packages”.


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