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Current List Of Richest Football Clubs In Nigeria

Football knows no language. It is what unites people of different religion,  ethnicity, race and cultural heritage. As it is all over the world, so it is in Nigeria. Nigeria is blessed with a lot of football clubs. These clubs have been competing with each other. Some of them have been continental heavyweights while some have been dominating locally. Only few have made impact in both areas. We want to bring to you the Current List Of Richest Football Clubs In Nigeria.

Either you are searching for the Current List Of Richest Football Clubs In Nigeria or the most successful clubs in Nigeria, they can’t be separated from each other. Most successful clubs tend to be the richest club. Why? Each trophy comes with some whooping cash. Additionally, successful clubs tend to have more followers which translates a huge source of income from the fanbase. furthermore, successful clubs are often a huge investment opportunities for business people. All these translate into riches for the clubs.

Current List Of Richest Football Clubs In Nigeria

So, which clubs have been the most successful in Nigeria? Let’s take a look below.

1. Enyimba FC

Enyimba International Football Club, or simply Enyimba, is a Nigerian football (soccer) club based in the city of Aba (Abia state) which plays in the Nigerian Professional Football League. Their name means People’s Elephant in Igbo language and is also the nickname used for the city of Aba. Founded in 1976, the club rose to prominence in the 2000s and is considered the most successful Nigerian football club as they won two African Champions League titles, six Nigerian championships and four Federation Cups since 2001.

Trophies Won:

  • Nigerian Premier League: 7
  • Nigerian FA Cup: 4
  • National Second Division: 1
  • Nigerian Super Cup: 4
  • African Champions League: 2
  • African Super Cup: 2
2. Rangers International Football Club
Rangers can also be called Enugu Rangers. They are based in Enugu and play their home games at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium. In November 2008, Rangers became the first Nigerian clubside to be a public company and sell ownership stock.
Trophies Won
  • Nigeria Premier League: 7
  • Nigerian FA Cup: 5
  • Nigerian Super Cup: 1
  • African Cup Winners’ Cup Winners: 1

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3. Shooting Stars Sports Club

The 3rd of the Richest Football Clubs In Nigeria is Shooting Stars Sports Club. Shooting Stars Sports Club (often nicknamed 3SC or Oluyole Warriors) is a Nigerian football club based in Ibadan. The club was one of the founders of the Nigerian Premier League in 1972, when they were called WNDC Ibadan (Western Nigeria Development Company), and were later called IICC (Industrial Investment and Credit Corporation) Shooting Stars of Ibadan.

Trophies Won

  • Nigerian Premier League: 5
  • Nigerian FA Cup: 4
  • African Cup of Champions Clubs Runners-up: 2
  • CAF Cup: 1
  • African Cup Winners’ Cup: 1
  • West African Club Championship (UFOA Cup): 1

4. Bendel Insurance Football Club

Bendel Insurance Football Club, also known as Insurance of Benin Football Club, is a soccer club based in Benin City, Nigeria. They were originally known as the Vipers of Benin.Their venue Is, Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium,which has a capacity of some 20,000.

Trophies Won

  • Nigeria Premier League: 2
  • Nigerian FA Cup: 3
  • CAF Cup: 1
  • West African Club Championship (UFOA Cup): 3

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5. Kano Pillars

Kano Pillars Football Club is a Nigerian football club based in Kano. They play in the top division in Nigerian football, the Nigerian Premier League. Their home stadium is Sani Abacha Stadium. Kano Pillars FC was founded in 1990, the year in which the professional association football league started in Nigeria. It was an amalgamation of three amateur clubs in Kano State which gave birth to Kano Pillars FC.

Trophies Won:

  • Nigerian Premier League – 4
  • Nigerian FA Cup Runners-up (1)
  • Nigerian Super Cup Winners (1)

Were you surprised with the names in the  Current List Of Richest Football Clubs In Nigeria? What comment do you have? Let’s hear from you below.


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