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Dangerous Mistakes Job Seekers Do & How To Avoid Them

Are you are job seeker who really want to ensure you get things right? If yes, then, I am going to show you the Dangerous Mistakes Job Seekers Do & How To Avoid Them. The employment world is saturated with a lot of job seekers. Employers of labour always look for one thing or the other to reduce the number of persons they would have to attend to. So, there are lots of mistakes that affect job seekers.

Funny enough, most job seekers are either ignorant to these, or they care less. Or they do not even bother to think some of their actions could be dangerous to them while seeking for job. I am sure part of what will be listed here would surprise many who have overlook this for quite a long time. So, let’s look at some of the Dangerous Mistakes Job Seekers Do & How To Avoid Them.

Dangerous Mistakes Job Seekers Do & How To Avoid Them

There are lots of mistakes you can do that will affect your chances of getting employed. However, we will not dwell on all of them. Rather, we shall focus on the most common ones that have higher implications. Let’s see them here.

1. Wrongly Written Application/Cover Letters

Many applicants are guilty of these. Most job seekers do not know the latest pattern for writing application letters. Others have theirs littered with spelling and typographical errors. Once your employers come in contact any of these, chances are that you will keep applying without success.

You can read how to write a charming application/cover letter here and use our sample.

2. Not Researching the Companies and Jobs You Are Pursuing

Job seekers responding to a new job listing or opening will often hurry to get their resume to the employer without first checking out the company. As a result, their resume and cover letter will not only show their lack of knowledge but may contain assumptions about the company that are incorrect.

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A prospective employer will be impressed and consider you a serious job candidate if you can show that you know about who they are and what they offer their customers. You want to get on the company’s website and research their product or services, find out their mission, executive team, and recent news, and get a sense for their corporate culture. With this information, you can best tailor your resume and cover letter to this company, providing them with highlights of your work experience that will be most relevant to them and conveying an interest in working there that is genuine and meaningful.

3. Not Preparing Well Enough for Job Interviews

When you boil it down, all job interviews are comprised of five basic elements:

  1. articulating your value,
  2. conveying your knowledge of the company,
  3. asking intelligent questions,
  4. negotiating compensation,
  5. and following-through.

Each of these items has to be practiced in advance, so you can “ace” the job interview. “Winging it” just won’t do! Also, be sure to do extensive research on the company and the interviewer ahead of time.

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4. Going Solo

Another Dangerous Mistakes Job Seekers Do is doing it alone. You pay a mechanic to change your oil; an attorney to create an estate plan. Why would you not invest in professional help with your job search? Career Coaches provide objective guidance, help you articulate your value, and provide a proven system for job search success. Many offer excellent advice on salary negotiations – often exceeding the job seeker’s expectations. If you can’t afford a Career Coach, take advantage of low-cost or free support from non-profit groups, universities, municipal programs, and so forth.

These are some of the Dangerous Mistakes Job Seekers Do & How To Avoid Them. Which of them are you guilty of and how do you intend to make a change using our tips here?

Let’s hear from you below.


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