Learn How to Delete Bet9Ja Betting Account Fast

I always let my audience know that it is 100% possible to delete any online account created. In as much as you have a profile on sure platform deleting that account permanently is sure.

But I have come to understand that navigation challenge is what many us face, that is not knowing the right place to click, to do a Sometimes task.

But the most likely place to navigate for account deletion includes;
– Profile Account Settings or
– Privacy settings or
– Settings

But it’s so unfortunate that Bet9ja has no provision where registered users can login access the delete account page.

Never mind, you will still delete you account using the steps I’ve provided on this page.

So, together we are going through the step by steps process on How to Delete Bet9Ja betting Account, whether you are using a mobile phone browser, app or Computer.

This is How to Delete Bet9Ja betting Account Fast

If you’re using the website to access the www.Bet9Ja.com then this is it

1. Log on to the official website with your browser.

2. Click on “You already have an account Login here” Or at the top of the page you will find the login form. So enter your Login ID and password then click on login

3. From the screen display you should see the “CONTACT US” link. That is the the link you have to click,

4. Click on New Message, then enter the topic, which should be either; Delete My account, or delete this account or terminate this account, etc…

5. from the drop-down menu, you also have to select under which catigies you are making this request. You may notice that there is nothing like “Delete account” or so, so the best option is selecting “OTHERS”

6. The message box: Write in a plan Understanding English reason why you want them to grant your request.

7. Then send the message. Wait for like within 48hrs for their response to your query.

Now it is important you should always check your email in case of any update like; maybe requesting one or two information to confirm you’re the one who wants to delete the account and not someone hacking into it.

Just in case I said!

Try it and lets get your feedback here. Or if you think you have gone through the deleting Bet9ja account using another process then share it through the comment box below.


2 responses to “Learn How to Delete Bet9Ja Betting Account Fast”

  1. founder orlu

    How can I recover my account

    1. onlinedailys

      What happen to your account, did you lose your login details?

      You can click on “Forget password” to get you a new link to create a new password to login again. Please let me know if there are other reasons why you want to recover your account.

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