How to Delete Google Account

How to Delete Google Account | Deactivate Google Account here

Just as the creating of new Google Account is free, also the to “Delete Google Account” is free, fast and easy only after you have fully made up your mind to ” Deactivate Google Account ” which you have sign up with.

If we can re-call that while create new Google Account there was a sign up registration form for the new account, which required of you your Name, phone number, location, date of birth, gender and email address (after sign up). This information of yours was to enable Google create a profile account, to create an identity as well as letting you do other things like;

  • General settings
  • adding  profile pics
  • replacement and adding phone number and location
  • generally changing the behavior  of your account

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Also reminding you that once you create one Google Account, automatically you have full access to other Google products like; Gmail, Youtube, Google+, Google Photos, Play Store, etc.

How to Delete Google Account | Deactivate Google Account

So for that when ever you wishes to deactivate any of the Google products or Service which you subscribed to, you have to do the selection your self on which product or products you want to delete your account from.

However, to delete Google Account or deactivate Google Account of any kind that you have subscribed – the official link for it is;

  1. Click on the link above
  2. Select which product or service you want to deactivate from
  3. confirm that you want to delete or deactivate your Google account
  4. Click the button to process your request

By doing this you have just delete or deactivate any of your google account.


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