Delete Hitwe Account OR Disable Hitwe Account

How to Delete Hitwe Account | Disable Hitwe Account Here

All this while Hitwe dating site has been one of the most popular online dating website for most countries and people living in it. Because of how easy to setup Hitwe Account for freefree to chat with your date online and its free access to effectively communicate with friends all over the world.

But we have come to understand that most people are seriously not happy for some features, and for that reason been sick and tired and want to delete Hitwe Account. I want you to understand that one you follow the steps below to disable hitwe account that you will not be able to retrieve the account back again. You will have to Sign up New Hitwe account.


Some of you are complaining that you do not like the way messages flows into your email and for that reason you guys are sick and tired of the account and so want to delete your Hitwe Account.

On this page we have covered how to disable hitwe account, meanwhile we are also going to give a step alternative to STOP Hitwe messages flowing into your mail box. But if you don’t want that and still decide to Delete Hitwe Account or Disable Hitwe Account then you can also go ahead following the steps below.

Here is one of the messages that came across to us by one of our fans;

i have been trying to delete my hitwe account and can’t find where to delete the account in settings plz help am sick and tired of messages flowing in

Best Alternative Way to Stop Hitwe Message Entry Your Mail Box

This step will enable you disable email alert from dating site permanently.


  1. Login to your Hitwe Account
  2. Click on profile drop down
  3. Click “settings” option
  4. Click “Email” option
  5. Uncheck the email alert and save


Guide on How to Delete Hitwe Account OR Disable Hitwe Account

Here is a quick tutorial on how to permanently remove your Hitwe profile account.

Delete Hitwe Account OR Disable Hitwe Account

  1. Login to your Hitwe Account
  2. Click on profile drop down
  3. Click “settings” option
  4. Click “delete account (THIS IS PERMANENT !).

I believe this article was helpful to you.

You can still use the comment box below and drop your comment just in case you have any further challenges to delete your account profile or to stop email coming from to your mail.



28 responses to “How to Delete Hitwe Account | Disable Hitwe Account Here”

  1. ubong etuk

    I am sick & tired of hitwe mails. There is no option on my blackberry z10 2 delete this account . Pls help.

    1. onlinedailys

      Sorry for that, but the article above has the step to put a stop to all of that you complain.

  2. Nyiko

    I’ve tried to delete my account, but i failed. So can you please help me to remove myself from hitwe

  3. izo

    deactivate this account. thanks

  4. rodney

    delet my hitwe acc pls. I do not want it any more pls

  5. rhema

    This Hitwe is the most stupid and use site I hv had the misfortune of coming across. I don’t understand why they would force someone to be on the site. I want to delete my account but can’t. Delete me already. Haba!!!! Is it by force. Useless people. Please whoever is in charge should get me out of this sick site. Abi is this how Facebook and Twitter and instagram told u they made their money, by forcing people to stay? I am so ooo angry.

  6. Naught

    I am am one of the people who unfortunately would like to delete his account. My inbox is bombarded by the messages I can’t even open let alone awoken by these flimsy emails at midnight, worse part is I do not even remember why or how I joined however I’ve tried to follow the steps given above but does no justice on my part. Yes there’s a ‘settings’ icon unfortunately on my part it doesn’t work or have the option icon. Please I beg of you whomever is in charge just delete my account asseblief mense. No offence intended just take me off.

  7. joynelly

    Delete my account too. I couldn’t do it account is joynelly

  8. yassin

    please deactivate my hitwe account

  9. lucy why does Rednour

    Why does my profile say that I like 1. When I haven’t typed anything to anyone. Also shows my green button when I’m not online. Thank you

  10. DIANA


  11. Mueni wambua

    My phone is nokia x2. When i go to settings it says i have no profile pls delete my account i need space for more important mails

  12. odede

    Pls I am pleading with pls delete my account.. The site is useless.. There is no option of delete as you have said.. Abi what nonsense is all this na.

  13. Luis Pimentel


    1. onlinedailys

      So sorry that you have to do this your self using the step on this page. We don’t create or delete account for people or our fans for security reasons. Am sorry for this. You just have to follow the guide above.

  14. amee

    i still cant delete it with

    ith the steps,pls help me

  15. moddy

    Hy I dnt noe how I became a member of this hitwe something,I have tried to delete the account but its not working.Please I beg remove my account I don’t have anything to do with it.

  16. SEGUN


  17. morgan

    my account has been disabled and whenever i try to visit the site it doesnt not open

    1. onlinedailys

      Then you have to create a new account

  18. weeha Bedbc

    I need my hitwe account unfiltered……plss my friends cant chat me….my account name is Weeha Bedbc

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