How do I Delete People from my Facebook Friendship List

Facebook Friendship list – Deleting People from your Facebook Friendship list is very possible, I need not to start questioning you the reason behind this action but I know its never a good cause doing that. I also have experience somethings like this before and I had to delete some of this people from my Facebook Friendship list, because they where;

  • Posting indecent pictures
  • Don’t respond to my chats
  • Not sounding positively to other friends
  • or any other reason…


So just in case you want to do this here are the steps below… It doesn’t really matter the device you are using to access your facebook account, could be PC or Mobile phone just delete this unwanted friends from your Facebook Friendship list.

How do I Delete People from my Facebook Friendship List

Delete People from my Facebook Friendship List

  1. Logon in to your facebook account
  2. Click on the facebook Menu icon
  3. Click “All Friends”, to view all the friends you have on your Facebook Friendship list
  4. Now click on the Name of the particular person you want to delete
  5. Now Click “Unfriend”

Doing this you have just deleted this person from your Facebook Friendship List,  this means you will never get the persons update anymore, also his/her tagline message, pictures and other things you see that makes you get upset about this people.. you shall see no more.


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