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One of the challenges of education is finance. One could be willing and ready to learn and advance his/her school. But, most times, due to lack of Finance, the individual may not be able to carry out his educational pursuit. However, the Diamond Bank School Fees Loan is here to bridge the gap. With this loan, you or your child can go back to school. See the Diamond Bank School Fees Loan Application Form.

You can take advantage of the Diamond School Fees Loan to ensure your children & wards remain in school. Diamond School Fees Loan offers customers with salaries domiciled a convenient way to pay the tuition of their wards registered in private schools across Nigeria from pre-school to primary, secondary and up to tertiary levels. Read on for Diamond Bank School Fees Loan Application Form.

Diamond Bank School Fees Loan Application Form Requirements

The requirements for the Diamond Bank School fees loan application are highlighted below.

  • School fees bill / invoice in the name of Child/Ward. The bill should contain the total fee amount, name of the child.
  • Completed Retail Lending Application Form
  • Copy of confirmation letter or last promotion letter.
  • Copy of Valid Staff ID
  • Also, Copy of valid ID card (e.g. Int’l Passport, D/ License or Nat. ID)
  • Obligor must maintain a salary account, properly domiciled with Diamond Bank and operated for a period not less than 3 months.

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Features and Benefits Of Diamond Bank School Fees Loan

Repayment Period11 Months (available for fees payment per term or session)
PricingCompetitive pricing with no hidden charges.
Loan AmountMinimum Amount: N200,000

Maximum Amount: N2,000,000

Minimum Equity Contribution30% of school fees amount

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How To Apply

To apply,

  1. Log on to https://business.diamondbank.com/loans/.
  2. Fill the application form. The information required include: Desired Loan Amount, Loan tenor (how long you want to pay the loan) within 11 months, Monthly salary and other monthly payment.Diamond Bank School Fees Loan Application Form
  3. Under employment status, if you are employed, indicate.
  4. Then click on “Apply Now”.
  5. A new page will open which requires your name, email, phone number or address.
  6. A bank representative will contact you and then complete the application processes with you.
  7. Then click on “submit”.
  8. Please Note, the interest rate is 19%.

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