Difference Between A Post Paid Meter and A Prepaid Meter

Its well understood that Nigeria as a country uses different electrical meter, “A Post Paid Meter” and “A Prepaid Meter” for reading and determining  the rate of consumption of the end users which are the general public. We understand too well that most of you do not really know the difference between A Post Paid Meter and A Prepaid Meter.

Just as the meters defers, that is also how its mode of operations and users defers. So you have to understand from this blog the simple different between Post Paid Meter and A Prepaid Meter.

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Similarities of Both electrical meter

But you should also understand their common similarities. The Postpaid meter and the Prepaid meter helps to understand and read the usage of electricity. And its supplies equal amount of electricity.


Difference Between A Post Paid Meter and A Prepaid Meter

Difference Between A Post Paid Meter and A Prepaid Meter

A Postpaid Meter

A Prepaid Meter

The Postpaid meters are “Analogue” electrical reading meter.While the Prepaid meters are “digital” meter that automatically reads consumption and electrical recharge balance.
Just as the name implies, “Postpaid”, means.  So that means You pay for your electrical consumption after usageAlso as the name implies “Prepaid”. Meaning payment before usage. So you have to pay  before usage.
You will have to wait to first week of new month before you (manually) pay for previous consumption.Because it’s a prepaid meter, you have to recharge it (electrical recharge card) before using electricity.
The Post paid meter doesn’t have a way of minimizing cost.But the New Pre-Paid meter help to reduce cost of usage  and lasting usage. Since its rechargeable system, you can also, at anytime turne-off the meter and tunr-on anytime.


Regulating when and when not to use the power.

Due to bad system in the country, sometimes your monthly bill may come in “ Estimated Bill below” and “Estimated Bill above” . Meaning that you are paying a wrong bill for you.No Bill is given to you.


You have to recharge the Prepaid meter.

When you do not pay – your connection to electrical power is disconnected by the workers, which sometimes results to embarrassment and fight.You don’t have to be disconnected for not recharging your prepaid meter, and no persons will ask why



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  1. the first diff is totally wrong. there’s digital post paid meter and we produce it in my company.it works the same way as the analogue.

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