Major Differences Between Android & iOS

A lot of people keep hearing about iOS and Android but only a few really know what it is and what they stand for. Today, I will be sharing with you the major differences between an Android and an iOS. After reading this, you will be well equipped to choose when next you want to buy a phone.

You must understand that Android and iOS are basically the two major operating systems used in developing smartphones. Before we see the major differences between Android and iOS, let’s understand what each of them is.

What is An iOS?

An iOS is basically a mobile operating system that is created by Apple Inc. It was initially called iPhone iOS before being renamed iOS. This iOS powers all mobile products of iOS. This includes the iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch.

iOS is second to android in the global market for a mobile operating system. It began its existence in 2007 when it was first used in the iPhones. Furthermore, iOS’ interface is a basic screen touch (direct manipulation and multi-touch gestures).

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What Is An Android?

Android is the most popular and globally used the mobile operating system. It was developed by Google. Android is developed using the Linux Kernel & other open-source software. Android is mostly designed to be used in smartphones and tablets. It uses screen touch technology as a means of navigation.

Having seen these, let’s move.

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Major Differences Between Android & iOS

Here is the contrast between Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Source modelAndroid has an open-sourceiOS’s source model is closed but comes with open source components.
Operating SystemAndroid uses the Linux OSFor iOS, it uses the OS X, UNIX
Initial releaseAndroid’s initial release was on September 23, 2008iOS was first released on July 29, 2007
CustomizabilityYou can custom a lot of things on android phones.You can’t customize anything here until jailbroken.
DeveloperAndroid was developed by Google, Open Handset AllianceiOS is developed by Apple Inc.
Available language(s)You can find android in over 100+ LanguagesiOS is currently in 34 Languages
File transferYou can easily transfer files using a USB port and Android File Transfer desktop app.This is more difficult than what you find in android. You can transfer your media files using iTunes desktop app.
Available onThe android phone is readily available on many phones and tablets. We can’t exhaust the list here.You can only find iOS on iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.
Internet browsingThe default browser is Google Chrome. However, you can download any browser of choice and set it as a default browser.In iOS, you can only the Safari as the default browser. However, you can also download other browsers.
Voice commandsAndroid uses Google Assistant to run voice commands.Siri is used to run voice commands on iOS.
Alternative app stores and side loadingThe official app store is the Google Play Store. However, you can use other alternatives such as Aptoide, Galaxy Apps.Apple blocks every 3rd party app stores in iOS. To download from other stores, you will need to jailbreak the device.
Photos & Videos backupIn the Android OS, the apps are available for an automatic backup of photos and videos. Furthermore, you can do an unlimited backup of photos on Google Photos. You can also use some other alternatives such as OneDrive, Amazon Photos and DropboxiOS allows 5 GB of photos and videos that can be automatically back up with iCloud.
SecurityAndroid runs monthly security updates.You have rare security threats from iOS. This is because the iOS OS is locked. Also, given that you can only download from the default app store.
Rooting, bootloaders, and jailbreakingAndroid allows you full control and access. You can also even unlock the bootloader.iOS doesn’t allow you the full control and access you’re your device.
Cloud servicesAndroid comes with a default integration with Google Drive storage with 15GB free. If you need further space, you can pay $2/mo for 100GB, 1TB for $10.iOS on its own comes with default integration with iCloud. You will have 5GB free. Meanwhile, 50GB goes for $1/mo, 200GB for $3/mo, 1TB for $10/mo.


If you want to buy a new phone, one of the things to check is the operating system. Having seen these major differences between android and iOS, the choice is now yours to make. There isn’t anyone better than the other. It is all about your choice and preferences.


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