Different Definitions Of “Motivation” By Different Authors – How To Be Motivated

Different Definitions Of “Motivation” By Different Authors – How To Be Motivated 1Motivation is an essential part of human living. Virtually on daily basis, people use the word “motivation” in one form or the other. For you to read this shows you also want to know more. Many books have also been written on this subject matter. Today, we are going to contribute to existing knowledge by looking at some different definitions of “motivation” by different authors. The aim is to gather different perspectives of motivation from the academic class.

Through this different definitions of “Motivation” by different authors, you will be shown the conceptions and perception of others about it. Additionally, it will widen your knowledge base on the subject and expose you to more definitions. It will also help to motivate you and show you different ways to apply the term “motivation” in your day-to-day living.

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Different Definitions Of “Motivation” By Different Authors

Different Definitions Of “Motivation” By Different AuthorsBelow, you will get to read the different definitions of “motivation” by different authors.

  • “Motivation is defined as the performance of an activity because it is perceived to be instrumental in achieving valued outcomes” (Teo, Lim, & Lai, 1999).
  • “Motivation is defined as the power that triggers action that follows” (Cheng, & Cheng, 2012).
  • Furthermore, “Motivation can be defined as everything that drives and sustains human behavior” (Gard, 2001).
  • “Motivation may be defined as the degree to which individuals commit effort to achieve goals that they perceive as being meaningful and worthwhile”
  • “Motivation can be defined as the desire to achieve some” goal (Hays, & Hill, 2001).
  • Additionally, “Motivation is generally viewed as a process through which an individual’s needs and desires are set in motion” (Rakes, & Dunn, 2010).
  • “Motivation is the process whereby goaldirected activity is instigated and sustained” (Pintrich, & Schunk, 1996).

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Quote: “Motivation is generally considered to be an internal state that initiates and maintains goal directed behavior” (Mayer, 2011).

  • “Motivation is defined as the inner urge that moves or prompts” (Resnick, 2007).
  • In furtherance, “Motivation is self-focused” (Bowman, 2007).
  • Also, “Motivation is what moves us to act” (McDonough, 2007).
  • “Motivation is generally more internally or more extrinsically oriented” (Mata, Silva, Vieira, Carraça, Andrade, Coutinho, et al, 2009).
  • “Motivation is the ‘want-to’ component of individuals’ actions” (King, & Teo, 2012)
  • In continuation, “Motivation is an inner drive” (Locke & Baum, 2006).
  • “Motivation is level of effort” (Pew, 2007).
  • “Motivation is dependent on 3 psychological processes: arousal, direction and intensity” (Curral, L., & Marques-Quinteiro, 2009).

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The above is some of the different definitions of “motivation” by different authors. It has been able to show us different applications of motivation. How you assess these information is your making. We would conclude by adding that “motivation is the inner desire to do what needs to be done even when you do not feel like doing that”.

So, be motivated to achieve excellence this week and beyond. I am motivated. How about you?


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