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Diigo Account Registration – Create Free account on www.diigo.com

Do you make researchers always online and at the end of every effort you lost some if not all your research links? Or you want to share fast, but don’t know how? That has to stop right now, what if I tell you that Diigo.com will help you Save and tag your online resources for easy access anytime, anywhere and across any dives, where you like it? I know you will and that is the reason we have the full guide how to complete Diigo Account Registration.

Diigo is a free social bookmarking, research, Tag Web Pages and knowledge sharing tool that allows registered users to ease of taking notes while providing a network for sharing and discovering information. Additionally, it allows users to highlight any part of a webpage and attach sticky notes to specific highlights or to a whole page.


Diigo Account Registration page


On this page, you will follow the steps to create your Free account on www.diigo.com.

Apart from saving and tagging your research resource on Diigo, you can as well Share your research with friends, classmates, colleagues or associates, Organize your links, references and personal input to create a structured research base through Outliner.

While the premium account leaves you in control to store your online resources with annotations intact forever, regardless of whether the original source is still active. See below other features that haven’t been mention until now.


Premium Features Includes:

⇒ Unlimited Image Storage
⇒ Unlimited Cached Pages (Webpage Backup)
⇒ Import kindle highlights & notes
⇒ Unlimited PDF Storage
⇒ Unlimited Outliners
⇒ Advanced team features for your company
⇒ Unlimited team library storage Webpage, PDF and Images
⇒ Collaborative Web annotation in Team
⇒ Collaborative PDF annotation in Team
⇒ Admin console dashboard
⇒ No Ads display

⇒ Unlimited Cloud Bookmarks
⇒ Unlimited Webpage and PDF Highlights


How to Create a Free account on www.diigo.com

  1. Visit the Diigo Account Registration page here
  2. Select which plan you want to sign up for. They have
  3. Click on “Choose Plan” button to open the simple registration form.
  4. The form is very simple indeed, just a Username, Email address and password you need create and your Diigo account is ready for use.
    Note: if you sign up for the premium feature that after you have confirmed Diigo registration from your email, the next step is to add your payment option available and convenient to you to pay and get your premium feature enabled in your account.
  5. Now login and start using Diigo bookmarking tool.


After creating the account, login and click on your username (at the top of the page), then connect your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts – to enable you to share your files or information fast.

At any time you want to upgrade your account, you can always click on the click from your account “Upgared”. Then select the plan you want.


How to Login Account

Whenever you want to login again, whether, with your mobile phone, tablet or other available devices at your disposal, al that will be required to login Diigo account is your email address and password.

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You Want to Sign up Diigo tagging Account, right? Here are benefits:

  • Still, the easiest way to collect the sites you want to get back to later.
  • Tag your collected web pages with relevant terms for easy future retrieval
  • Your complete online knowledge collection, all in one place.
  • Add text, comments or reminders directly on any web page with sticky notes.
  • Structure your research by automated streamlining through Diigo or by your own personal customization.
  • Share your research with colleagues, classmates and friends through our collaborative platform for knowledge sharing.
  • Highlight text directly on any web page for personal reference or collaboration.



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