Direct Entry 2016 2017 Registration Form

Direct Entry 2016/2017 Registration Form is Out

Direct Entry 2016/2017 Registration Form

The Direct Entry Form which is also called “JAMB DE form” is an application form for candidates who already had Degrees (which will be listed later) to forward or continue their studies in their choice of institution. The Direct Entry 2016/2017 Registration Form is a yearly academic form which can be purchase Online stores (like, JAMB offices and any reliable Caber cafe or business center around your area.

We wish to inform the general public that the Direct Entry 2016/2017 Registration Form (DE Form) is now on sell. Interested applicant can go now and get their own “DE Scratch Card”.

This update is publish today in request of our visitors who comment that they are confused on how to go about the 2017 Direct Entry form.

Below are other vital information you should know “About Direct Entry


Direct Entry 2016/2017 Registration Form Guidelines and Requirements

Read this part carefully, its very important!

Who Should Apply or Buy the Direct Entry registration form for 2016/2017 admission into university?


We have come to understand that some candidates applying for this are JAMB-Bit, simply because they only understand that DE applicants are not necessarily to write JAMB so they think they also have the-same choose of applying without writing jamb utme exam, NO it wrong.

Only those who already had a degrees like this listed below should buy and apply:

  1. Cambridge A Level
  2. B Sc
  3. HND
  4. ICAN
  5. ND
  6. NCE
  7. OND
  8. IJMB

Please NOTE: that NO JAMB- Bit should buy the Direct Entry 2016/2017 Registration Form.


When and Where to Purchase Direct Entry 2016/2017 Registration Form

This is the right time to start buying the form. But firstly you have to visit the institution you want to apply for admission and know details like:

  • do they give admission through Direct Entry?
  • do they offer the choice of your course?
  • do you still need to buy another DE form after buying the JAMB DE form? Very important!!! because some universities does that, so therefore if you fail to buy theirs you are automatically not recognize as a Direct Entry Applicant for the year.
  • can you afford their the school fee?
  • is the school environment conducive for you to learn?


Ones you are satisfy, you have to go to JAMB office (or we can send the Pin and Serial number to you here) to get the form. The instruction on how to do the registration is already at the back of the DE scratch card. Make sure not to make any mistakes!

Submit a copy of your acknowledgement slip to jamb and the institution you apply for admission.

In some institutions they schedule date for screening (NOT EXAM) to check your result, grade, and other documents if they are valid. once they are done with that, Then wait for the admission list to come out.

Which you are possibly to start either from 100-level or 200-level if you are admitted, depending on the course you want to study.


Closing Date for JAMB Direct Entry Registration Form

The date for the registration closes when the institution you want to apply has written their Post UTME Exam now at the stage of releasing their admission list, then at this point its wrong to purchase the DE registration CARD. That is why its important you get the form when jamb registration is still on.


I have taken my time to put this information together. I hope it will be useful to you all now. But if you still have any question or confusion, simply use the comment box below to express your self. Our team will reply you at once.

Good Luck.


172 responses to “Direct Entry 2016/2017 Registration Form is Out”

  1. Abubakar gambo

    Can i purchase two d.e form at the same time.

    1. onlinedailys

      No sir. You will only end up being disqualify for admission


    sorry sir, but how can the direct entry form be out soon ?. . .
    am an ND holder that finished this year and i really wanna know the credibility of this post !

    1. onlinedailys

      What do you mean by credibility?? Some times when a vital information are passed to some people they end up not understanding it. I don’t understand what you mean by credibility of this post

  3. mobolaji yetunde

    Pls if someone don’t have jamb registration no can they still apply for it

    1. onlinedailys

      You should have JAMB registration number because you will use it to even start the DE form registration

  4. omisakin olawunmi

    Please, how much is the cost of the form?

    1. onlinedailys

      N5,000 at jamb office

  5. Adewale

    pls wat do u mean by registration number?

  6. Johnson joseph

    Is the registration numbers the same with the one will use in our previous admission?????

  7. omisakin olawunmi

    I visited 2 of d accredited bank, but was told DE is not available, does it mean it can only be purchase at jamb office?

  8. Talabi Michael

    sir I need to know maybe the jamb registration pin is the same as the one we used in gaining admission for my ND course

  9. Foxtrot

    I am a student of The Polytechnic Ibadan from the department of Local government & development studies, with a GPA of 3.98. I wish to apply for either Political science or public administration at either UNILORIN OAU or UNIBEN.
    which institution or course do you prefer to be the best based on your experience?

    1. onlinedailys

      I rather prefer “public administration” cos the course covers so many area of study. But no course is dab any way.

      1. foxtrot

        But which of the universities do you suggest?

  10. ebby

    Is the DE form till up for sales…???… And how much?

    1. onlinedailys

      NO. The form is not yet out. The form will be out for sale after 3days after jamb exam

  11. oyeyemi

    pls sir which one is jamb registration number

  12. seyi

    I must say well done to the team behind this site…more grace in Jesus name.

    Pls do need I to purchase the normal jamb form alongside that of Direct entry to gain admission through Direct Entry? I read a chat that seems a little confusing so I do need clarification…thank you

    1. onlinedailys

      Thanks for the compliment.

      At first you should understand that there are difference b/w JAMB and Direct Entry. You can apply for the two but as a JAMB-bit you do not need DE form and as a DE applicant you also do not need jamb to form to get admitted. The are for different purpose.

      1. Erua Jonathan

        Please I really want to be sure of something, I am an ND holder of YABATECH with grade 2.25…I want to know if I can get the direct entry forms for UNilag or other institutions??

        1. onlinedailys

          As for getting the DE form – you can, But whether Unilag will admit you with that grade that I do not know. Because there are so many people applying for the same course and has high grade then yours. But please there is no harm in trying so you go ahead to apply. Cos You can also be admitted when there are less competition for that course of your choice.



    1. onlinedailys

      yes. you are free to do so.



  15. ustin

    Waw twale to u BT am having issue pls is it possible to get admin. wit 8credit BT pass in maths in social courses afta u graduate wit lower in PAD?

  16. ayegbe elijah

    sir i wrote my jamb, it submitted automatically still i cant find my results, what can i do sir?

    1. onlinedailys

      So sorry for that. But you have to wait for about 2days to see your result. However, since it automatically submitted, its only the questions you answered that will be marked. So sorry for that.

  17. Yusuff zaheenarb

    Bravo !!!. May Almighty God be wt u. Is it possible for me 2 apply 4 direct entry admission in two universities.

  18. Angelbest

    sir can i purchase for direct entry form for delsu

    1. onlinedailys

      Yes, tat is if the form is on sell

  19. Omoyiwola Busayo

    pls sir,is the jamb registration number the same wit d Number we use in gainin admission for NCE

    1. onlinedailys


  20. ogunlowo adeyemi

    please advice me…I have my NCE result in agricultural education… which university can I apply for as direct entry to study animal production.

    1. onlinedailys

      I will advice you to apply at EBSU (Ebonyi State University)

  21. GiddyOluwa

    Sir good evening. Am having a challenge here pls help me answer it.
    In 2013 I wrote Jamb and got 146. Then a polytechnic called me and said they have offered me admission. I checked dem on jamb website and they are approved. Now I want tonuse that ND result and apply for direct entry. I am doubting if it will be possible since I didnt get jamb dat year.Please what can I do sir…?

  22. Micheal Smith

    Please Sir, when is the closing date for this year DE registration?

    1. onlinedailys

      The closing date for The Direct Entry form is not announced. But once is after 3weeks of release the form will become scars

  23. Elvis

    am abt to finish my nd can I still buy d jamb de.

    1. onlinedailys

      No need if your ND result will not be out by that time. Bcos you will be disqualified for that and your money and effort will become a waste. So wait until you get results at hand



  25. Dahiru abubkar mohd

    Sir am about to finish my diploma, at ameer shehu idris college of advanced studies a b u affiliate zaria. nd i want D\E form hw far.

    1. onlinedailys

      Ok, Its save to get the result at hand before applying for DE. But if you know that before admission list will start coming out from that institution you want to apply, then you can buy the form as the form is still on sell.

      How to Get the DE Fore:
      Go to any jamb office around you to buy the card, then go online to register it and submit. Make sure to print and have your own copy as you will be ask to present it during your clearance process.

  26. liftguideangel

    sir can some one who have pass in a ND can apply for DE and get admission

    1. onlinedailys

      Yes every thing is possible. You can try and you will get an admission. But depending also the institution. I advice you apply DE in EBSU

  27. Mahmud A Abdullahi

    Sir i have the result at hand but i want re-write my O level this june jully can i buy the form and fill with my previous O level so that if they call for sceerning i can present the re-writing exam

    1. onlinedailys

      Yes, you can

  28. Adebayo

    Good day sir,I av little challenge…. sir,is it possible for me to change my ND course to another course if going for direct entry…what I meant is that I finished with banking and finance, can I change to accounting in funaab?is it possible?… pls,do reply me asap.thank u.

    1. onlinedailys

      This is a little challenge, you can change your course but make sure that you are changing within the department. So that you get the admission.

  29. alako abidemi

    hello! am a bit confused…have gotten d D.E form,fill the form but without jamb registration no ie i use other diploma option hope this will not affect me later….thou i finish with upper credit but as a ND partime student without jamb registration no….wat am i to do

    1. onlinedailys

      I think no problem with that

  30. liftguideangel

    sir if some one apply DE for EBSU some one we go n submit one copy for they too as we use to submit one copy of were registration online to jamb. sir do ESBU doing examination for DE too

  31. liftguideangel

    sir if some one apply DE for EBSU some one we go
    n submit one copy for them too as we use to
    submit one copy of were registration online to
    jamb. sir do ESBU doing examination for DE too

  32. sunday

    pls I want to no sir if u want to fill the form wat type of credentials do we use to fill it is it from primary school certificate to ur ND result. or what am a bit confused about it.

  33. Gomina

    pls, sir did A.B. U Zaria Conduct screening Exam for DE applicant? and do them accept lower credit in ND?

  34. Atta iyanu

    how does d.e form looks like sir? is d stuff having university options like 1st choice and second choice, or just one university option? and if probably some1 failed post d.e or didnt get admission_ is dere anything like change of institution for d.e candidate if he can still meet up with d post d.e of the school he want to apply change of institution for????

  35. Atta iyanu

    do u know if u.I always do post d.e too sir or just screening???

  36. Omotola

    Sir, when will Jamb DE form close?

  37. dimma Jenny

    Sir i study primary education, am bit confused I don’t know the course to apply for my degree guidence and counseling, educational management or library and information Science.

    1. onlinedailys

      Sorry, I can’t choose for you. You just have to choose the one you can do best in.


    gud morning sir, kudos to u guys there 4 d work well done….pls which institution uses other diploma….and dis jamb regn no does it ve validity

    1. onlinedailys

      Thanks for the commpliment. you can apply at EBSU, FUNAI, UNN, FUTO, there are so many institution you can apply or that accepts “other diploma” but you need to check your possibility of getting the admission, so i recommend you to apply any of the fist institution i listed above

  39. Ella Nobert

    Please sir is first school leaving certificate needed because i have not gotten mine

    1. onlinedailys

      yea, its needed

  40. liftguideangel

    sir if some one apply DE for EBSU some one we go
    n submit one copy for them too as we use to
    submit one copy of were registration online to
    jamb. sir do ESBU doing examination for DE too n sir I want to know may be the post utme / DE form is out in EBSU

  41. hammed

    hello, Pls I’ve got an issue. just finished my ND program and tried to register for DE but it wasn’t going through because of d jamb reg can I use other diploma.Although I’ve gone back to school for regularisation but not sure Wen it will be out. I need an answer Pls cos I’m freaking scared of my career

    1. onlinedailys

      You have to be sure that the result will be released before you will be asked to come and present your documents in the institution you apply for Direct Entry admission. Because when you don’t have the doc at that point of presentation, you might be disqualified for the admission.

  42. liftguideangel

    pls sir reply me oooo.
    sir do ESBU doing examination for DE too n
    sir I want to know may be the post utme / DE form
    is out in EBSU

  43. salisu kore

    sir I will buy 2 D E in one year

  44. Atta iyanu

    how does d.e form looks like sir? is d stuff having university options like 1st choice and second choice, or just one university option? and if probably some1 failed post d.e or didnt get admission_ is dere anything like change of institution for d.e candidate if he can still meet up with d post d.e of the school he want to apply change of institution for?

  45. liftguideangel

    pls sir reply me oooo.
    sir do ESBU doing examination for DE too n
    sir I want to know may be the post utme / DE form
    is out in EBSU

  46. Atta iyanu

    are there 2 university options in d.e form?

  47. Joseph

    can i buy two direct entry form in one year.

    1. onlinedailys

      No. Only one will work.

  48. emerald musty

    For the issue of regularization, is they any need for me to still do it dis year b4 registration cos I did it last year wen i purchased d form but not given d admssn for d skul I applied for

  49. Atta iyanu

    Are there two university options in D.E form?

  50. hammed

    I mean can I use other diploma to register. Although I have done my regularization but not sure Wen the reg no will come out.



  52. Anana Francisca

    am still a student in college of education but am in my final year. pls i want to know if i can still pick De Form for addimission into the university….my final examination will tak place on August and getting my statement of result will be febuary of next year……

  53. segun

    those who are admitted through direct form instead of jamb result into poly can apply for DE form?

    1. onlinedailys




  55. Val

    Please what is the deadline for online registration of 2016/2017 DE and the deadline for submission of printout and credentials at the JAMB Office?

  56. Bgentle

    Sir. what EBSU Stand for? you mentio it befor .

    1. onlinedailys

      Ebonyi State Univrsity Means EBSU

  57. peco

    Pls as an nd1 holder from civil engineering auchi can I apply ?

    1. onlinedailys

      No. You have to finish your NDs first before applying

  58. oyindamola

    pls sir after apply for DE I would like to know if if i would still apply 4 postutme to buy another form in the university of my choice eg adekunle ajasin uni aaua and university of adoekiti

    1. onlinedailys

      If I get you right. You are asking whether you can apply for DE form and also apply for Post UTME in another University. YES, you can do that. No issue. But what you can’t do is applying for more then one DE form in any school

  59. oyindamola

    pls sir after applying for DE I would like to know if i would still apply 4 postutme dats another form in the university of my choice eg adekunle ajasin uni aaua and university of adoekiti or is it only the DE form and no more just wait for the admission list to come out like some school does.

  60. eka

    “do you still need to buy another DE form after buying the JAMB DE form? Very important!!!”

    does FUNAI require student to buy another DE form after buying jamb DE form?

    1. onlinedailys

      You don’t need to buy any DE form from FUNAI

  61. Tijani olubisi akeem

    Good day. I want know if it is possible for current utme candidate to obtain direct entry form in the same year. Would there not be issue? Thank you while anticipating your response.

    1. onlinedailys

      There will be no issue as long as the jamb registration numbers for the application is not desame

  62. abdul

    Can we get the DE scratch card at bank?

  63. fissyspecial

    I wanted to do d regularization stuff,my schl(Abraham Adesanya POLY)Ijebu igbo(owned by ogun state) said dey are not doing it again cos jamb wrote to dem to stop it for now. I wanted to apply for DE to FUNAAB as first choice and Adekunle Ajasin uni as second choice. I studied computer sc and i graduated wit upper credit in my ND program. If I use d “other diploma” option,hope d admission will still go as i wish cos i av visited jamb office to complain on d regularization mata and was told to go back to do it in my schl n my schl said dey are nt doing it. shud i use d other diploma option n proceed wit d registration n uploading of my ND result?

    1. onlinedailys

      Yes you can

  64. Eze Amarachi

    sir plz I scored 2.90 in my ND, can I apply for direct entry in uniben

    1. onlinedailys

      Yes.But first u should know what Uniben’s requirements are before applying.

  65. Esther

    what else can I do though am a part time student and after paying some amount to my sch for d regularisation and d no given to me was nt found by jamb and d sch r stil insisting dat s from d jamb.wat do u think I shud do cause time wait no one

  66. Dammy

    sir……is DE form still on sale nd can I apply for DE@Abu zaria having lower credit for mass comm

  67. Akeye SInat

    please is it possible to do change of course/institution on a direct entry form that has been filled and submitted, if yes, please kindly explain the process to go about it.

    1. onlinedailys

      Yes, its possible. All you have to do is go to any jamb office and buy the charge of institution / course scratch card then from the card you will see the official website for changing what you want to change online

  68. Daniel Blessing

    Bravo!! may Almighty God increase u sir. Pls sir, am still a little bit confused about the registration number. Pls, can u kindly clarify me on that. thanks alot

    1. onlinedailys

      The registration number is your JAMB registration number. But some times most applicant don’t have that, so you have to go to JAMB office around you for a new JAMB registration number which will then allow you to start your DE registration online.

  69. Gbolahan

    The issue of this regularization, please you really need to help us out. Does this other diploma option of a thing work out? Hope there is not gonna be a future prob.

    1. onlinedailys

      No you are save

  70. Mayowa

    Is it possible for Jamb to extend DE registration cos dey r d one delaying us from processing the DE registration because of the regularization issue

  71. alimi taibat

    sir,when is the deadline of submission of the printout and credentials?

  72. josephine

    good day sir pls I bought jamb direct entry and Unizik was my choice do I still need to buy the school direct entry form

    1. onlinedailys

      depending the institution in question. There are so schools that you need to buy but from JAMB and the school. So what you do now is go to that institution in question and make inquiries

  73. omolola

    good morning, please why if I submit my DE form after screening form for jamb has been closed, I mean funaab portal has been and my DE form was still collected at the jamb office. and funaab prospone their screening date but not open portal. can I still be given admission?

    1. onlinedailys


  74. omolola

    please reply on time

  75. loveth

    Thnk u so much sir, v really learnt a lot… but sir I really nid to knw if m still gonna get unizik de form after gettin d jamb de form

  76. loveth

    Sorry josephine can I get ur no, cuz I also choose unizik…

  77. dare

    pls sir I bought mre Dan 2 DE what are my chances of getin admitted into any of d school I chose

  78. festus

    Hello sir, thanks for your patient and understanding, I finished my ND at Yabatech with 2.62 Elect/Elect. can i apply for DE though i did part-time programme in my ND and is the form still available now bcus i want to apply for Futminna DE…Thanks.

    1. onlinedailys

      You can get your Direct Entry Form form JAMB office, also if the institution you are applying may be selling the form also then you will have to pay too (go to the institution to know about their method of DE application)

  79. Gift

    Good am please I want to know if someone dat sat for jamb and brought evening form in another polytechnic and the person got admission after finishing ND can d person apply for DE form in any university with that same jamb reg. number that I waz not use 2 apply for the evening form or the person will buy Jamb form

    1. onlinedailys

      I don’t really get you, but if you want to apply for DE form then you should have a JAMB registration number and your OND or HND result, cos it will be required as you apply.

  80. david adex

    Good noon. Direct entry should be purchase, is it after IT or as soon as u finish ur nd program

    1. onlinedailys

      Soon as you finish programme waiting for your result or once you have collected your result from your institution.

  81. vivian

    Please, why is it that unzik does not take second choice

  82. Worlu Abigail

    Please can someone that studied linguistics and communication studies faculty of humanities apply, and wants to study law in your second degree.? Does RSUST admit through this direct jamb entry?

    1. onlinedailys

      Yes, you can apply, if you have credit in English, Maths, Lit in English and CRK. This are the basic requirements to apply for LAW as a second degree. With a Upper-Credit Unit and it must also be an HND or Deploma.

  83. Obiora

    Sir please I would like to know whether I can buy jamb form for UTME and also buy another for D.E though I will be applying for different Universities each.

    1. onlinedailys

      Yes, its possible if you have the money, moreover, DE applicants do not partake for exams (but JAMB-bits does).

  84. samuel

    my school is not in the jamb brochure and not accredited though established by a state government can I apply with my ND result for Direct entry

  85. bidemi

    Is Jamb form out?

    1. onlinedailys

      No, is not Yet out. Thanks

  86. joyce

    When is jamb direct entry form 2017/2018 be out..becos l want to apply

    1. onlinedailys

      The date for the form is not yet announced. We hope that, soon – the date will be out.

  87. christiana

    pls I have my nce statement of result n I have credit in all.I did eco/pol edu.pls want to knw if I can use it to apply for DE n what course can I do with it in uniben or nsukka.Also when will d DE form come out.thanks

    1. onlinedailys

      For Uniben am not really sure if they will accept that, but for nsukka you can go ahead, but you have to visit the school for full details.

  88. Ogor bright

    Hello sir, is primary six result required in filling the DE form?

    1. onlinedailys

      Yes. The you entered and year you graduated from your primary school. Also the name of the school.


    Pls i av Nabteb A Level and i want to apply for direct entering form in unical
    i want 2no if possible and when the form will be out

    1. onlinedailys

      You have to first make enquirers whether Lagos state University accepts Nabteb A Level


    As direct entering, must i buy jamb?

    1. onlinedailys

      No, you do not need that.

  91. stanley

    why are they selling another form while d form sold last year, d admission wazn’t given?

  92. sandra

    Good day sir i really appreciate ur effort in helping Nigerian students.Am a ND Holder from fed.poly nekede with upper credit in Accounting,pls sir advice me which federal university will be more easier through DE with dat same course??And also will i be penalized for purchasing DE FORM and also JAMB FORM???
    Thanks for ur anticipating response.

    1. onlinedailys

      FUNAI for now. Its a new Federal University in Ebonyi State

  93. Sandra

    Thanks wat of d second question
    Will I be penalized for taking jamb and direct entry???

  94. faith

    Does ABU zaria run summer or sandwish program

  95. Apple c

    please sir,I’m an NCE holder who graduated in the yr 2016 but my school has been on strike.I’ve checked my result and it’s OK.can I apply with my attestation letter pending when the strike is over to collect my result?

  96. drea

    pls aw can i contact u….. dis is my no..08183619637.
    beep me, i need the d.e form abu.

  97. Princetopz

    Please does Direct Entry application require Scanning of O’ level result and ND or NCE result and also does the Form allow choosing of first and second choice for UNIBEN D.E?????

    1. onlinedailys

      yes, Direct Entry application require Scanning of O’ level result and ND or NCE result

  98. Princetopz

    scanning of O’ level result during registration or d school screening! ……..are we allow to choose two diff university @Fed. & State university during registration?????

  99. orlarhs

    Pls I want to ask if I can choose two different universities in my DE forms.

  100. Commie

    God bless you Sir. i finished my nce program 2015 from fce kano, my field of study was eng/crs. and I want to buy DE form. please Sir what course will you advise me as a brother concern to apply for in ABU Zaria.

  101. Prince08139266237

    Please sir, Does d D.E registration require Scanning of O’ level result during registration or just to upload d grade for them???
    ……..are we allow to choose two diff
    university @Fed. & State university
    during registration?????

  102. Abel Fumen Jatau

    Iam asking about direct entry form for 2017, is it on sell. please i want to know.

  103. sophie

    i have an IJMB result
    i also want to take part in the 2017/2018 jamb ….to apply for jamb and direct entry

    how do i go about it

    1. onlinedailys

      The JAMB form was released on 20th this month, so all you have to do now is to visit JAMB accredited centres to get the form and apply there too. Please note that it most be “JAMB accredited centres”.

  104. abimbola

    sir, i have an nce result in eng/crs nd i want to go for linguistics in my degree, can i? if not, what other suitable courses do u think i can go for?

    1. onlinedailys

      You can, in face its a perfect degree you should go for base on what you studied (eng/crs )

  105. Suleiman Ayuba

    A Candidated Who Studied Chem/isc With Grade B In Isc, C In Chem, B In Gse And D Edu Courses Could Him Get 200 Level.

  106. abdul ayuba

    can i use my jamb numbers of last 2 years which I scores more than 180 to fill my de form

    1. onlinedailys

      Do you really understood the “Direct Entry Form”?? The form or application rather is for all those who graduated from HND, NCE programmes etc,and wants to further their education. So Abdul, its not for jamb-bit.

      However, there is a jamb reg number such candidate used in gaining admission into any of the above listed progamme and that is the same jamb reg number the candidate will use for DE form registration.

  107. Adam A. Rappa

    May Allah have us to be the one who will luckly in admission ameen ya rabi alamin.

  108. Timilehin

    pls i have an IJMB result in 2012 wit 6points. Can i still use the IJMB result for this year 2017 D.E admission

  109. jennifer

    If you need an upgrade for you jamb call Mr Fran it will help you for your upgrade 08039188409

  110. Musa Audu

    Should I purchase the form with a waiting 0 level result?

  111. prof osagiede

    i need direct entry form into uniben and part time form 2017/2018 call 09054335631 or 08116600617 for registration directives and assistance

  112. CASTLE

    Please i have my bsc in psychology and I want direct entry to study law in unizik, my question is if it’s possible in unizik,how much does the form for 2017/201 cost, when will the form be out and which level will I start from in unizik.. … .

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