Do You Have These 5 Most Powerful Qualities Of Great Leaders?

Qualities of Great Leaders – “Great leaders are born”. No, “great leaders are made”. You must have heard this debate times and times again right? Undeniable. I am not here to contribute to the debate. But, one thing is certain, whether leaders are born or made, they possess certain qualities and characteristics that make them “leaders”.

Anyone who does not possess majority, if not all of these qualities, should not be considered a leader. Count 5 persons who you consider as leaders and you will see these qualities I am about to list are evident in their lives and leadership.

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Good news: these qualities can be learned. So, if you want to be a leader, here are the qualities of great leaders you must possess or learn to be able to lead effectively.

Important Qualities Of Great Leaders

Are you good to go? let’s ride on.

1. Visionary

Great leaders are visionary. They have the vision of where they are headed and the vision of the direction of those they lead. Great leaders do not just lead. They have a destination in mind and they lead their followers to that destination. Anyone without vision shouldn’t lead.

2. Honesty & Integrity

According to Dwight.D.Eisenhower, “The supreme quality of leadership is unquestionably integrity. There is no great leader who doesn’t possess honesty and integrity. They must always communicate the truth to their followers. Your followers must be able to know that you must speak the truth and stand by it.

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3. Courageous

Leaders are courageous. Like I pointed out above, leaders have vision and direction. But, they need the courage to steer through. They are not afraid of doing what needs to be done at every point in time. They also have what it takes to take a calculated risk.

4. Confidence

For you to lead effectively, you must have the confidence in yourself to inspire others. Followers look up to their leaders. If you are unable to inspire confidence in the mind of your followers, you can lead them. However, you must be able to draw a clear line between confidence and overconfidence.

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5. Humility

How many proud and boastful persons are your best friends? There is no leader who doesn’t have followers. Once a leader starts exhibiting traits of pride and boastfulness, he starts losing followers. You must be humble to listen to suggestions, criticisms and to accommodate divergent opinions.


These 5 qualities of great leaders are not ALL a leader needs to possess. However, if you possess these 5 qualities, you have a great future ahead of you as a leader.

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