Donald Trump Dating Site For Singles |

Donald Trump Dating Site For Singles |

The Donald Trump dating site for singles is a relationship dating site for Donald trump supporters. Recall, Donald Trump was inaugurated the 45th US President recently. Trump Singles was founded by David Goss, a Trump supporter from California. David Goss in February 2016 founded the Trump supporters’ dating site.

Goss apparently came up with the idea for the site after hearing of a similar dating service for Democrats, and after seeing that his Republican friends were having a tough time on dates whenever politics came up, and particularly when talking about Donald Trump. So he decided that single fans of The Donald needed a safe space where they didn’t have to compromise on their views.

Donald Trump Dating Site For Singles |
Donald Trump Dating Site For Singles |

Features of Donald Trump’s Dating Site For Singles

  • is a free website, however, it has its base in USA.
  • Easy to register and become a member.
  • Quick search to help members and non-members find partners easily on the site.
  • Meet thousands of new users daily especially singles from America.
  • A better platform to pledge support to America’s new president, Trump.
  • Sponsored by many companies in the USA like New York Post, Fox News, CNNMoney, TELEMUNDO, Fox Business, Time and others.
  • Users can change their language option from the homepage of the website.
  • Easy sign up steps with Facebook is also available.

How to Register in Donald Trump Dating Site For Singles

Here are the procedures for registering in Donald Trump dating sites for singles.

  1. Log on to
  2. You will see 2 options
    1. Sign in with facebook
    2. Register your profile
  3. Using the “register your profile” option, fill in the following details
    1. Username
    2. Email address
    3. Password
    4. Repeat Password
    5. Gender
    6. Looking for
  1. Click on “Continue”.
  2. A dialog box pops up reading “Authentication Required”. Just fill in the chosen username and password.
  3. Click on “OK”.

If you are a Donald Trump’s supporter, this is yet another opportunity to extend your support. You can meet up with people of like persuasion. Goodluck.

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