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Download AVG Antivirus: How to install New Vesion of AVG Antivirus

Download AVG Antivirus – The fact still remains that AVG Antivirus is one of the great tool I have used.  And is popularly used because of it wonderful features.

In case you want to download or  have downloaded your copy of AVG Antivirus, here  is the steps to download, install and activate your AVG Antivirus.

How to Download and Install Download AVG Antivirus and Install :

Follow the instruction below carefully.

  1. Go to: www.avg.com/ww-en/homepage or Click here
  2. After you have clicked on the above link, a page like this opens; Download AVG Antivirus  home page
  3. Click on green icon “AVG AntiVirus Free”. Please note that AVG updates yearly and your will be automatically be updated to the current year too.
  4. After downloading, you have to run the software in your computer or mobile phone. The next page to pop out looks like this;avg anti-virus download page
  5. Now you have to install the file or avg software into your system.avg anti-virus install pageNow you will also get a pop up showing you that your installation has been successful. AVG Instulation
  6. Again, the AVG AntiVirus Run page pops up, then you click on it;avg run
  7. Now the AVG AntiVirus is set. But can’t fully protect your system so you need to update. So click on “update”. See the image below for instruction;avg antivirus updates
  8. After it  has finished updating, it is important you scan your system.; AVG internet ativirus

Now you have just downloaded a complete AVG Internet AntiVirus. Please note: anytime you scan and your AVG Internet AntiVirus informs you their is virus, just click on “Protect Me” and AVG Internet AntiVirus will take care of it for you.


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