Download Jumia One App – Get Discount On Airtimes, Bills & Shopping

Download Jumia One App – The Jumia One app is best lifestyle app you can ever see today. It is owned and operated by the Africa’s largest shopping site: JUMIA. It is also is one of the smartest, convenient & secured ways to do airtime top-up, pay your utility bills & much more, all at the BEST price! Imagine an app that would give you back 5% of every airtime, or data purchased? Now, that’s the unique thing. But, it can also do more.

The Jumia One app allows you carry out a lot of functions. It includes airtime purchase, data purchase, bills payment, online shopping etc. With Jumia One you enjoy Guaranteed bonus on each mobile recharge, Savings on your bills payments & Secure payment via bank account, debit or credit card: 100% secured & certified. What else is left if not to Download Jumia One App?

Download Jumia One App

After highlighting the above features, you should be rushing to Download Jumia One App. Let’s show you how.

How to Download Jumia One App

To download Jumia one app,

  1. Use this link for android phone users
  2. Use this link for iOS App
  3. Alternatively, you can just open your device app store and search for Jumia One.

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Functions & Features of the Jumia One App

Here are some of the many things you can do with Jumia One:

1. BUY AIRTIME (Mobile Recharge): Earn guaranteed Bonus on every airtime & data purchase!
It’s instant and easy. When making a mobile recharge, you can browse through all the recharge plans and pick the best one for you.

2. CABLE TV RECHARGE (select countries): Enjoy FREE bills payment & save money on each cable TV bill payment!
It’s simple & instant. Select your operator, fill in the customer id, choose your plan/amount, verify your account details on summary page & complete your payment.

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3. INTERNET: Enjoy FREE bills payment & save money on every internet Bill!
Select your internet provider, select your data plan/amount, verify your account details on summary page & complete your payment. You’re done, enjoy surfing!

4. TOLL GATE PAYMENT (select countries): Enjoy FREE Toll payment & save money on each payment! It’s very simple:
1. Select your toll operator
2. Enter your account number
3. Fill in the amount
4. Verify your account details on summary page & complete your payment
5. Your toll charges are paid.

5. Instant refunds
If anything goes wrong with your payment, we refund you instantly.

6. Send airtime and get cashback
You can even get 5% cashback when you recharge any of your friends’ phone! Make them save time as well!

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There is more Jumia One can do. Jumia One is truly all-in-one:

  1. • Shop online
  2. • Book a hotel
  3. • Purchase a flight or bus ticket
  4. • Book a ride
  5. • Order your favorite food to be delivered at your doorstep,
  6. • Buy movie & event tickets, place your bets, read your favorite blogs, listen to radio.
  7. • The list is endless, explore yourself!

Jumia One Contact

For more details:

please visit:
Please send us your feedback through

For more details, please visit:
Please send us your feedback through

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