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The latest Language Translator Apps let you translate what you say or type in more than 80 languages on your mobile phones. There are free online versions and offline version. The best Language Translator is a very useful translating utility that is powered by Google Translate, but there are still other  Mobile Language Translators produced by different developer.

Learning a new language isn’t easy. But using any of this Translator app for mobile makes you learn quickly to translate a few phrases – is extremely faster and helpful.  This App also help those facing physical disability like; deaf person, and others.

Each of this Mobile Language Translators App has their unique feature, and is developed by different people, some of this app has specific people targeted to use the Translate app.

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Here are List of Best Mobile Language Translators you Can Download

Listing the top Mobile Language Translators that can be used offline and online we are starting with best of the mobile app Translator. See list below;

  • Google Translate

logo page for Google Translate

Google Translate is the best mobile translator as it has both speak out version and typing version. Not only that, the Google Translate also translate to all available languages in the world, so you are totally covered when using Google Translate mobile app as you are sure of effective communication with any one around the world.

With this you should be able to travel almost anywhere and be able to make your way around. The app gives you four ways to enter in a word or phrase, the most obvious of which is typing it in. If you find yourself facing a word that has accents or symbols you can’t find in your basic phone keyboard, you can draw it in with your finger.

  • iTranslate

logo page of iTranslate

iTranslate is another great Mobile Language Translators to download because its very easy to use and has a friendly-interface. Apart from that it has the ability to  share the newly translated work in a text message, email or on Facebook so you won’t lose track of it. iTranslate also has both free version and premium version which cost $5 to unlock every features.

In case you are asking what features premium has: the premium version have the ability to use voice commands, get rid of ads and the ability to use longer texts.

  • Voice Translator

Download Mobile Language Translators

Voice Translator enables you use your voice for typing then translates into the language you ever desire. Record phrases or sentences and the app will translate them into whichever language you choose. From there you can share them with friends or file the translations away to look into later.  The Voice Translator mobile app is 100% free app to download and use.

Two languages appears  side by side so both parties know what’s going on. You can choose a phrase and see it translated into multiple languages at once. It’s the only app out there that allows for translated conversations.


  • iHandy Mobile Translator

Logo iHandy Mobile Translator

The iHandy Translator  is one of its kind also that translates and connect to your social media accounts, so log in with Twitter and Facebook and share your translations with your friends whether they like it or not.


  • Waygo Translator

logo Waygo Translator

Waygo is app is completely photo based and majorly Chinese, Japanese and Korean major translator  which mostly is used for studies. Waygo translator app allows you to take a photo of something you don’t understand, then translate it. Switch the camera from horizontal to vertical to accommodate anything and use the built in flash to make translating in a dark restaurant better. You can also pull images from your photo library to translate them.

When you install it for the first time you have a grace of 10 months to use it, before you will be required to upgrade to pro version. Using Waygo Translator  for mobile is very technical, but below is how to use it.

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How to Download Mobile Language Translator on Your Mobile Phone

To download Mobile Translator App is supper easy, still the same way for downloading other app from mobile phones. Lunch your App store (could be Google Play Store or iTunes Store), then search (using the search Bar) for the translator App you what and start by installing it, then you can follow other steps that may prompt later.


How to Use the Mobile Translator

  • Select language from the company’s database.
  • Type or voice out what you ant to translate then you see it sending to other person (if you want it so too).
  • Hit translate and it will appear in the bottom one.
  • To see your search history, just go to the bottom menu ad you will see a list of everything you’ve done recently.


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