Signal Messenger App

Download New Signal Messenger App for PC and mobile – A Stunning New WhatsApp Alternative

You want to start using the Signal Private Messenger on your phone and computer? This page will guide you through all the process you need and how the Signal Messenger works.

Signal Messenger App

In this era, there are many Messengers available globally. But preferences depends on what the user wants to get out of it. For instance, the major purposes of using messengers are;

  • for a tottal secured privacy
  • it is an instant text messenger
  • it cut the cost of sending SMS
  • the video and audio call recording
  • create channels for businesses and organizations meeting
  • use for receiving and sending SMS in replace of the phone SMS,
  • and many more

Signal is also one of the best and highly recommended social messenger when it comes to end-to-end encryption. You information remains intact.

Signal private messenger can be used “independently” across all devices, just like the Telegram messenger. To me, I guess this is where WhatsApp flopped; expected that your phone WhatsApp has to be connected first and consistently before you can use it on any device (like PC and Desktop). Although Facebook CEO is working towards changing this annoying concept. Learn how to connect WhatsApp on PC/Desktop here.

The only similarity between Whatsapp and Signal messenger is that you have the bar-code to scan to link or connect your account on another device.

But after its connected, for Signal Messenger, you can switch off your phone, or disconnect the network, yet your account will still be active on other devices when you linked your account. No doubt to agree that Signal is the best WhatsApp alternative with new stunning features.

Once you login, you see all your files, contacts, and messages at all time and on any device.

Downloading Signal Messenger App

Signal messenger app is available for mobile Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows, Linux, and Mac PC/Desktop.

You can get the Signal Private Messenger for your device HERE. From the page, select the link for your device to download the Single messenger app.

Or use the link below if the like above is broken or not opening;

Download Signal for Android

Download Signal for iOS (iPhone or iPad)

Download Signal for Windows Computer/PC

Download Signal for Mac Computer/PC

Download Signal for Linux Computer/PC

Please note that clicking the above like for mobile you will be redirected to your various mobile app store. While the PC/Computer will start your download right away.

Getting started with Signal Messenger App

Like I already said, that you can use the Signal app across any device to create your account, login and start enjoying all of the features you expect.

Signing up is the next step after downloading the app on the device that you want to use Signal Messenger.

Your mobile phone number is a major requirement to register for Signal account.

For emphasise, if you’re among does searching for how to login Signal messenger without a phone number, that isn’t possible.

First, download the app on your phone and install and complete the registration.

During the registration process, your phone number will be requested, then a verification code will be SMS to you (or you may decide to get the code through call). But the code will automatically be inputted if the sim receiving the SMS is in the same device you’re using to register for a new Signal account.

The code will be used to verify your device and phone number. Once that is complete, you will be asked to create.

The next will be to create your PIN. The pin is your access to your Signal messenger account whenever you want to log in at all time.

Now the account is created and completed.

You can start inviting friends and families to start chatting with them through the Signal messenger.

Inviting Friends and Families for chat

The “Invite” is all over everywhere, you can see it when you tab on the THREE DOTS (menu) then you’ll see “Invite friends”.

Also, when you tap on the PEN ICON you will see “Invite to Signal”.

The Invite allows you to share the Signal download link (that we’ve already shared on this page). Also, you can share with your phone contacts or to choose other channels you may want to share it (like sharing with your friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).

Connecting to other devices (like PC/Desktop)

You have to scan through a bar-code from your phone to the device in order to connect or link. Just like using WhatsApp on desktop computers.

You make sure to have already downloaded the app on your computer, then go to your phone and tab on the THREE DOTS, that is the menu button.

Then select the “Settings”, and tab on “Linked Devices” – this will take you to a new page where you see a “+” icon to tab on.

Then place your device, making sure the code matches with the PC/desktop bar-code.

If then scan is successfully, you will get a notification on your Phone screen, read and tab “Link device” to approve the linking.

Then go to your PC/Desktop and click on “Finish linking phone”.

Allow your computer to Syc your contacts and groups.


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