Download the Vanguard NewsStand App – Get Vanguard App for Mobile Here

Vanguard Newspaper has made it to access every latest news they made each day. To enjoy this privilege all you need to do is to download the the Vanguard NewsStand App and after that you are good to go.

Download Vanguard App on your mobile phone to enable you have access in Vanguard daily News. Also it will help you to spend less money when browsing.

Some body may be asking “How?” Now do you know that the amount charge by network providers while surfing the net with pc is higher than when you browse with mobile phone. So with the Vanguard NewsStand App you browse cheap just like you are whatsapping or facebooking on your phone.

Vanguard App is only available for iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones. Vanguard App for iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry is now out in the stores.

Maybe with time all other phones will be able to use the Vanguard too. But till then!

You can download, free of charge, your favourite Vanguardngr App from the iTunes App Store into your iPad.

How To Download Vanguard App: Instruction for downloading Vanguard app

(1.) With your mobile phone Go to your store for your App and then Search:   Vanguard NGR Digital App  ; But if you are using your phone to access this website right now, just click on the Vanguard NGR Digital App link above, once the page opens, you install directly to your phone. Easy as A B C.

(2.) Once downloaded and installed, you can start enjoying latest news and other content on Vanguard via the Newsstand, i.e the feature of the iPad operating system that organizes all of your magazine and news app subscriptions in one place.

Thus, the e-paper downloads the digital edition of the Vanguard, seven days a week, including our top columnists, breaking news, business, style, entertainment, sports and many more, for your offline reading.

Go to your store for your App, now!

Share this information across to other iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry users and show them steps on how to download Vanguard App free.

For more information, contribution and inquiries use the comment box and you shall be attended to.

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