Whatsapp Gold 4.0 Scam Review - What is Whatsapp Gold

Does “Download WhatsApp 4G APK” exist for PC or Mobile Phones???

Its well understanding that WhatsApp application is top app for both mobile phones and computer devices, due to its fantastic features making users communicate effectively. In case this may be your first time of ready about Whatapp, then know that with whatsapp you can send an instant message, make video calls, record audio voice to send or receive form others, also share images, videos, documents and locations.

Recently there was an update on whatsapp, which is, that users can now use short video clip has a profile picture (dp). Try it and see! Also the latest is the “WhatsApp Two Step Verification” option prevents misuse of your WhatsApp account even if you have lost both your phone as well as the SIM card. In these circumstances, WhatsApp’s OTP verification option is of no use as the thief has access to the SIM card.

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Whatsapp Mobile and PC application has “NO” premium version nor to upgrade account. PLEASE NOTE Whatsapp is FREE! to download and use, only your data charges applies (depending the network provider you are using).

But that isn’t what you have come to read, we believe you want to know whether “if Download WhatsApp 4G APK” exist for PC or Mobile Phones“.

Well from the beginning of this post I made mention that Everything about whatsapp is free. However, we have come to realize that so many fake rumors are spreading on the internet about “whatsapp 4g download apk” and “how to download whatsapp 4g”.

So and , and even from the whatsapp official website www.whatsapp.com there is nothing like  “whatsapp 4g download apk” – where ever you see that is a SCAM. If you want to be sure – to download the right App then visit whatsapp official web page or use the link below to download for your desire mobile phones:


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We have gotten so many tutorials posted on this website concerning whatsapp and how to use it well. For example to learn how to Make WhatsApp Video Calls – click here.

Does “Download WhatsApp 4G APK” exist for PC or Mobile Phones???

To make it clear, this are things you need to know about whatsapp 4G download:

  • Whatsapp 4g is “FAKE”
  • If you go to app store you will not see any such name “whatsapp 4G or Gold”.
  • There are no place or online store to download whatsapp 4G.
  • Visit www.whatsapp.com to get more details about whatsapp and its real features

Lets talk about the “4G

The 4G is a network-level provided or subscribe to get high quality network on your mobile phone or PC. So you should know that whatsapp doesn’t have its own network. That is the reason we say:

“whatsapp is free, but only your data charges applies (depending the network provider you are using).”



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