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How To Download Whatsapp for PC free

Whatsapp in  resent time has become one of the most popular real time messenger used for mobile and PC. To crown it all Whatsapp now has a new updated design. Most users are asking how the can Download Whatsapp for PC free and that it the reason for creating this article. is a mobile and pc instant messenger which any one can register for new account as well download the application for free.

Whatsapp now has a new updates which includes;

  • Whatsapp Real time messaging
  • To send and receive Photos and Videos instantly
  • To call your Friends and family for free
  • Message quickly with voice Messages
  • To share your location or nearby place with your friends and family

How to Download Whatsapp for PC free – free download Guidelines

IF you are to use whatsapp messenger on your PC then you have to download app player called “Blue Stacks“, which enable user to download not only whatsapp, but also other mobile application to start running on PC as if you are using the mobile phone.

How to Use Whatsapp quick voice Messages

If you already updated your whatsapp, the feature for quick vice messaging will always appear close to your whatsapp send button.

quick voice messageNow to start the quick voice messaging, you press and hold the microphone (just as u can see in the image above) and u start talking. Once you are done,  you release it and the voice message will be sent to the person you are sending it to.



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