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Download Whatsapp New Version for Nokia Phones

Download Whatsapp New Version for Nokia

Every one wants to join Whatsapp because its good and one of the cheapest way of communicating with friends and families  – all around the world. Previously we have released articles on how to download whatsapp, how to create whatsapp account and how to download whatsapp App for PC, iPhone & Android. No intentions to leave NOKIA users behind so that’s bring about “Download Whatsapp New Version for Nokia Phones“.

Before giving you links to download Whatsapp New Version for Nokia Phones, I want you to understand that NOKIA phones has different versions of it that can also whatsapp, for example we have;

  • Nokia Symbian  – Some of the top grade are also regarded to as “Smartphones” (that the the latest of them).
  • Nokia Java
  • Nokia Android
  • Nokia Windows

The Nokia Symbian

Some of the latest version that where recently released are also regrade as NOKIA Smartphones cos they also have many amazing features that Androids has. And apart from that downloading any Apps for “Symbian” you will have to visit the “Nokia Store” in your Phone. Nokia Store is the official store for Nokia apps.

Nokia Java

The Nokia Javas are small phone  versions of Nokia that has limited features when compared to Android and Symbian phones. But most of them also can whatsapp, that is they accept whatsapp application. You can also use the Nokia Store to get all kind of apps your phone needs.

Nokia Android

The Android Version of Nokia is the latest Operating system that comes comes with all features to make users have greater fun using their phones. The Nokia also has the option of download Whatsapp New Version for Nokia, and other Apps , also can download via Nokia Apps and Microsoft Apps Store.

Nokia Windows

The Windows Smartphones also is like the Android, but the different is that its App store is different and the OS is also different. For instant, the windows comes with Window XP, Windows 8 and the latest once now comes with the latest Windows version, Windows 10.


Quick Links to Download Whatsapp New Version for Nokia Phones

Use any of this these links below and download Whatsapp New Version for Nokia Phones

I believe this article has helped you a lot to allow you download the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger. But in case you still have any question  – use the comment box below.

Also do good by sharing this post to other Nokia users so that with Whatsapp they can also connect with their Family and Friends.


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