Download Windows 11 Pro ISO File & Run Windows Smoothly

With the new look of Windows 11, it’s accurate to say there are more features to benefit from than Windows 10. Users now have the ability to upgrade to Windows 11 from any Windows 10 computer. Although there have been some errors faced by some users, which also has been addressed on this page.

The steps below show the possible errors and how to bypass them and successfully run/upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

Requirements to Run Windows 11

In Windows 11, Microsoft sets a minimum requirement of 4GB of RAM, a TPM 2.0 chip, and Secure Boot enabled. If your PC is good enough, you can enable most of these settings in the bios, if your processor is 64bit.

But in the case of a system without TPM or a processor that does not support Windows 11, like I already said that you can bypass it and install Windows on your device without error. This means you’ll be Bypassing “the minimum system requirement check”.

However, even with a 2Gb ram PC for Windows 11, this method will still work, but your system performance will be terrible. So preferable to proceed if you have a problem like TPM, instead of unsupported systems like 2GB RAM, Dual-core processor Cpu in terms of hardware config it does not provide you with enough processing.

How to Download Windows 11 Pro ISO File

  1. Go to Microsoft main website – Here
  2. Scroll down to “Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO)” option.
  3. Select Windows 11 or 11 pro as your download option.
  4. Then click on the Download button.
  5. Then select the product language, then click on Confirm
  6. Select the bit version (either 64 or 32 bit download) for the download to proceed.
  7. You should be able t access the Windows 11 Pro ISO File after the dowbload is complete.

Installing (Running) Windows 11 ISO File Without Error

Installing the new windows 11 file is straightforward, but let’s talk more about most users that face issues like “This PC can’t run Windows 11, due to the following reasons”.

pc cant run windows 11-image

You may see errors such like;

  • The PC Must support TPM 2.0
  • The PC must support Secure Boot

Step 1: You need to download a file through the link below

Step 2: Make sure you already have Winrar or other Zip applications installed on your computer.
Step 3: Then “Unzip” the downloaded file.
Step 4a: Head on to the Win11 ISO File you already downloaded from the Microsoft site and unzip the file also.
4b: then locate the “Source folder” and open
Step 5: Then copy or cut the file you Unzipped (in step 3) – note, this is the file you downloaded from this website.
Step 6: Then go back where you see the list of files, click on “setup” to start the Windows 11 pro upgrade process.

Microsoft will check for updates, this process may take time. But you won’t see those windows 11 upgrade requirements that were restricting you then.

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